4.5 What Was Life Like in Nazi Germany?

The Nazi Party came to power in Germany when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, the second highest political position after President Hindenburg. When Hindenburg died a year later, Hitler took on this job too – giving himself the simple title of Führer. These films show what life was like in Germany under Nazi rule.

12 MINS 21 SECS, NO SOUND, B/W, 1939

A collection of propaganda footage taken from Nazi Germany.


1 MIN 3 SECS, SOUND, B/W, 1938

On the anniversary of the end of the First World War, a huge Nazi youth festival was held in Germany.



2 MINS 55 SECS, SOUND, B/W, 1938

In this clip, Hitler addresses a large gathering of young Germans. “My German youth, the yearnings and expectations that we have for the Germany that is yet to come must be fulfilled by you, my boys and girls. If we want a strong Germany, you will have to be strong. If we want a powerful Germany, you will have to be powerful. If we want once again to shape an honourable Germany, you will have to be the bearers of that honour. The German people, the German empire and our President, General Field Marshal von Hindenburg: Heil! Heil! Heil!”



2 MINS 53 SECS, SOUND, B/W, 1933

Joseph Goebbels was in charge of Nazi propaganda and censorship. He ordered all books written by Jewish or communist authors to be destroyed. In this clip, he speaks to a crowd of young people in a Berlin public square, where bonfires are lit to burn books banned by the Nazi Party.

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