You can license footage or stills for use in documentaries, news bulletins, museum displays, online content, educational or corporate productions, feature films, and more.

  • Online Licensing

    For many uses, content can be licensed online via our website. It's quicker than licensing over the phone and can often work out cheaper too, particularly when licensing only one clip.

    Click the "License Film" button beneath the video player to begin. The price, charged per clip, will depend on your intended use - the platform (TV, online, etc), territory (world, single country, etc) and how long you need the licence for. Select the rights you require and enter some details about you and your project. Once you have made payment (by card), the content will be made available for download in the specified resolution and format.

    Licences are currently available in this manner for the following uses: Advertising, Audio Podcast or Radio, Classroom, Film Festivals, Live Events, Museum Display, Website, Physical Media, Presentation, Student Film, and TV News. Members of the public can also purchase personal viewing copies.

    Media Industry or Bespoke Licensing

    Certain content and usages can only be licensed offline by contacting our team. Rates depend on your intended use - the platform (TV, online, etc), territory (world, single country, etc) and how long you need the licence for. Fees are calculated per second of footage used (there is a minimum charge of 60 seconds which can be made up from as many different clips as you'd like). Per second licensing is often the better value option if you wish to license material from multiple items.

    There are additional technical fees involved in getting the content to you in your requested resolution and file type. Usually, original 16mm and 35mm reels are also available for HD, 2K or 4K scanning.

  • By capturing individual moments from our moving footage archive, we've created a collection of 12 million still images that are available to license.

    Stills Licensing

    Nearly every still is available for licensing by authors and publishers. To acquire a licence, please provide us with as much of the following information as you can (don't worry if you don't know):

    • The current title of the book or publication
    • The expected publishing date
    • How long the book or publication will be distributed for
    • The expected print run
    • Whether the book or publication is to be published electronically
    • In what countries the book or publication will be distributed
    • Which stills you are interested in

    To use stills in broadcast or online media, please email us with the details of your project.

    Publisher Subscriptions


    A subscription can offer better value than licensing stills individually. To find out how your business can take advantage of a bespoke subscription arrangement, please contact us.

  • Unlimited access to British Pathé content

    Our museum subscription provides unlimited access to 85,000 British Pathé films and 12 million still images dating from 1896 to 1978.

    If you work for a UK or Ireland-based museum or heritage site and are looking to add footage to your exhibitions and digital channels, this service offers great value for money.

    Museum subscription details

    • Content is downloaded via the website in broadcast quality MPEG format with an embedded logo.
    • 12-month minimum sign-up period. Cancel at any time after this period just by emailing us.
    • Monthly fee of £80.00 plus VAT. (National museums are charged at a different monthly rate. Please contact us for further details.)
    • Subscriptions can include digital publishing, allowing you to display content on your website and social media channels.
    • Please note items from Reuters' historical collection are not included.
  • An invaluable teaching aid

    The British Pathé archive is the finest newsreel collection in the world, spanning from 1896 to 1978 and containing 85,000 individual film items and 12 million stills. It covers an enormous range of subjects, including modern British and world history, fashion, sport, entertainment, travel, warfare and 20th-century social history.

    This invaluable teaching aid is available to all schools in the UK through a special education subscription.


    Education subscription details

    • Unlimited downloads of British Pathé material for use within the classroom. (Please note that items from Reuters' historical collection are not available for download.)
    • Permission to publish films on Secure Learning Platforms.
All rights reserved. Use of footage from this site requires a licence.

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