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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 4.

    01:18:29 U-boat periscope just showing above the surface of the sea. Merchant ship sinking.

    01:18:46 High angle shot of parade in America. American military band lead Army parade in street. American cavalry ride in parade.

    01:19:02 Explosions in snow covered landscape. Italian troops running. Troops firing machine gun. C/U Italian troops dragging sledge up snowy hillside. M/S large group of soldiers pulling load up hill. Explosions on rocky outcrop.

    01:19:31 Wounded soldier loaded on to cradle and lowered down ski lift.

    01:19:42 Aircraft fly high overhead. Closer shots of biplanes in flight. C/U machine gunners in aeroplanes. Damaged plane spirals downwards trailing smoke. Machine gunner firing from plane at enemy in dogfight. Plane dives to ground. Flack in open sky. Biplane crashes into ground this explosion. Troops gather around crashed German plane.

    01:20:23 Military in Red Square, Moscow. Russians march. Vladimir Ilych Lenin speaks to crowd.

    01:20:35 Russian warship in harbour. High angle shot crew on fore deck. Storm clouds cover sun.

    01:21:03 Very dark shot of war ship signalling with lamps. Silhouette of artillery piece being fired. Storming of Winter Palace, Petrograd (Leningrad) (Film Clip - unsure of origin). Russian soldiers waving hats and flags as they walk across snowy field.

    01:21:29 Ranks of United States soldiers marching down wide street. Warship in town (unclear shot). Men gathered on fore deck of ship, amidst large crowd. Men signing up to join American navy. American army recruits marching. Women auxiliary troops marching. Priest speaking. Troops kneel. American troops ride with horse drawn artillery.

    01:22:19 Shot of rough seas from the back of a boat. Allied ships in convoy at sea. Ship coming into harbour. Man on top of ship signals with semaphore flags. Guns of American ship trained on German ships in US harbour. People on dockside. German ship 'Liebenfels' scuttled and part submerged. Captured German ship. Fast American Submarine Chaser ship at sea. Blimp / Airship flies over sea to spot U-boats. Aerial shot of periscope breaking surface of water. C/U periscope above water. Sailors load and fire small ships gun. Explosion at sea.

    01:23:40 Crowds look upwards and cheer. General Pershing and other American officers salute. Large numbers of American troops stand on the decks of a troopship in harbour. They walk down the gangplank onto a crowded dockside.

    01:24:04 Troops march with Stars and Stripes American flag in France. Officers gather in 'Camp Franco-American'. Stars and Strips and French Tricolour flags are raised on flag poles in forest. French and British troops eating and drinking together. The raise their hats and cheer. Ranks of American troops marching across a parade ground.

    01:24:40 Large artillery piece fired. Smaller field gun fired. Small narrow gauge railway carrying artillery shells. Railway trucks filled with ammunition.

    01:24:57 Lorries driving along a road. Several early tanks advancing down steep hillside.

    01:25:11 Parade in Moscow's Red Square. Troops march in front of crowds. Painting of Lenin and Stalin (Not Pathe Copyright). People walking along dirt road with packs and horse drawn cart (paperwork suggests they are Russian refugees).

    01:25:35 King George V and Queen Mary on platform with army officers. The King is presenting medals. At the bottom of the steps is an injured war veteran in a wheelchair. C/U King George V shaking hands with man, Queen seen in background. The Queen moves forward to shake the man's hand.

    01:25:45 Woman working on the engine of her van. She is wearing a waterproof coat and hat. She moves round to the front of the van and turns the starting handle. She then climbs into the cab. Woman bus conductor climbs onto the back of a bus. She is seen on the open upstairs deck of the bus selling a ticket to a male passenger. Woman railway guard walks along platform carrying flag. She climbs into the carriage and waves the flag for the train to start.

    01:26:16 End Titles (Music mixes out as clock ticking mixes in). Credits:
    Time to Remember - Written and Produced by Peter Bayliss, Associate Producer Lionel Hoare, Film research from the Associated British Pathe Library Harry Wynder Charles Chart, Recorded by George Newberry, Executive Producer Terry Ashwood. End of Reel 4 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG. reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

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