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    Fantastic peek at the British Film Industry of the 1920s - clips from great silent films and newsreels.

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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Commentary record exists for this film. Enter "Came the Dawn Commentary" into Title box to find.

    Check copyright for film extracts - most were originally A.B.P.C. Elstree (Associated British Picture Corporation) - probably currently Canal Plus copyright (1999).

    Reel 1. 01:00:12 Introductory intertitle reads: "In the big house lived the Merricks" Extract from a silent film with dramatic piano accompaniment. The scene acted out is of a father sending away his son in disgrace. A melodramatic scene with much anguish on the part of the mother. The son may be played by Jameson Thomas or Warwick Ward? "Time to Remember" title. "A programme to take you back - however young you may be." "Recalled by Basil Rathbone".

    01:01:17 Interior of a film studio in the mid 1920s - the set represents the interior of a church or cathedral. Film not named. Film technicians at work. Narrator speaks of the British film industry in the 1920s; its technical limitations, acting styles, camera tricks, titling techniques etc. This is probably an extract from the film "Shooting Stars" (1928)

    01:02:00 Issue title "Came the Dawn..."

    01:02:09 High angle shot of the North African landscape. French machine gun post under fire from the "Riffs". Various shots of gunfire. C/U of French commander of the Riff campaign General Lyautey. M/S of Arab soldiers on horseback entering a town. A Sheik talks to a French officer. Narrator speaks of "politics complex and explosive". Shot of the Arab cavalry riding along a desert road. Scene from the feature film "The White Sheik" being shot on location in the desert. Two men are engaged in a duel - with pistols! (White Sheik - Directed by Harley Knoles - 1927 or 1928 (sources differ in their release date) Cast includes: Jameson Thomas - Lilian Hall-Davis - Warwick Ward - Clifford McLaglen - Gibb McLaughlin - Forrester Harvey.)

    01:03:00 M/S of the two actors engaged in a duel. C/U of one of the actors. He looks quite fierce. C/U of the gun being cocked. Silent intertitle flashes up "Shoot - and do your worst!" Various shot of the two actors - melodramatic performances. See previous record for cast listing of "The White Sheik".

    01:03:20 North African market scenes. The ex-Kaiser of Germany walks through a snowy landscape in Holland with his wife and dogs. (Kaiser Wilhelm presumably?)

    01:03:43 Funeral procession of Queen Alexandra - King Edward's widow. Various shots of the funeral procession in the snow.

    01:04:04 Traffic scenes in London - a policeman directs traffic in the snow - trams, cars, etc.. Nice shots - probably originally from "EP117 Snow and Art".

    01:04:19 Interior of Elstree film studios. Moving shot showing film technicians at work on suspended platforms - impressive moving shot shows many technicians at work, actors, actresses, scenery, backdrops etc. Great M/S showing director, cameraman and two assistants behind a camera. Director is gesticulating wildly. He throws down his megaphone in a huff and the cameraman scratches his head looking perplexed. The film being shot is apparently "Prairie Love" - possibly the "film within a film" in "Shooting Stars"? Technicians probably actors.

    01:04:43 M/S of clapperboard man stands in front of the camera. Clapperboard reads: "Mr Turner - Prairie Love - No.109 - Retake 7." C/U of the cameraman - he looks as through he is heavily made up, may therefore be an actor pretending to be a cameraman. Clapperboard man turns his piece of blackboard around to reveal the words "No Good - Don't Print". The scene behind him features a woman sitting in a blossom tree. Cameraman cranks the camera handle and shouts directions to the lighting man. Low angle shot of a man in overalls operating a large film light. Narrator speaks of the star "stamping off in high dudgeon". He decides that actually, she probably just wants a cup of tea. Camera follows the female star as she moves out of the first set, up some stairs then off to watch another scene being filmed on an adjacent set. She squeezes past the flats followed by her dresser. Note: I think these scenes are from the "film within a film" sequence of "Shooting Stars".

    01:05:34 "What's going on on the next set?" asks the narrator Basil Rathbone. C/U of Carl Brisson and Lilian Hall-Davis in a very passionate drama (not named) but possibly "The Ring". The two act a scene full of heaving breasts and hurling photograph frames. Good C/Us of the two of them emoting. "Look out for the Hayes Office" quips Basil Rathbone. M/S of a studio orchestra playing offset to put the players in the right mood. The pianist is following a piece of music called "Aint she Sweet?" The band leader (?) speaks to the orchestra leader.

    01:05:57 C/U of Ray Milland and an unidentified starlet in an embrace. His nickname was "Spike". A lovely "silent cinema" style kiss. Full of seething passion.

    01:06:09 Narrator says: "The Fruitful Vine... WHAT? You've never heard of Basil Rathbone?!" This outraged question is a joke because the actor we see on screen is the narrator of the film when he was a young man. Rathbone acts a love scene with a young woman who stands crying in a leafy garden. The film is not named.

    01:06:18 M/S of group of filmmakers. A man - presumably the director, gives instructions to a cameraman. This group don't look like actors - possibly real film technicians. L/S of the director on set. There are lots of girls in bathing suits inside what looks like the interior of a cafe or hotel. This section and the following probably from the Anthony Asquith film "Shooting Stars" (1928). C/U of cameraman cranking camera on a beach being instructed by a director. Group of children stand and watch, they laugh. Scene from the film follows. It is a slapstick farce. A man with a moustache and bowler hat is being chased around a changing tent on a beach by a man with a gun. The man with gun wears a striped dressing gown and swimsuit. The moustachioed man lifts up the bathing tent to protect himself and reveals a young bathing beauty in a state of undress. A woman balloon seller gets in on the act too. The director, cameraman and spectators all laugh at the scene as it unfolds. Director shouts through a megaphone.

    End of Reel 1 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

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