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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 1.

    Various places in the United States of America (USA).

    High angle shot of the train moving through the prairie (American West). Cut on the L/S of the station. M/S of the train arriving to the station. C/U of the faces of an elderly couple as they watch the train. People getting off the train. M/S of the man on the coach waiting for passengers. Several shots of the coach as it leaves the station and drives through the prairie. Narrator recites a poem about those small things which make up a life - memories.

    C/U on the clock's pendulum dissolving into closing titles "Time to remember - a program to take you back however young you may be - recalled by Anthony Quayle".

    C/U of a sign reading: "JOBLESS MEN KEEP GOING - We Can Take Care of Our Own - Chamber of Commerce", suggesting the time of Depression.

    Several shots of the masses of people queuing for a meal from the street kitchen. Medium shot on a man pouring the meal. Medium shot of the line of people eating. Narrator suggests that better times are just around the corner.

    Intertitle - "Around the Corner 1932" with the clock pendulum in the background.

    Panoramic, top shot, of Manhattan (presumably). Cut to the M/S of the statue of a man with the Empire State Building in the background. Voice over tells us that on top of the highest building in the world, the future of America has being discussed. High angle shot of group of men leaning over 'plans for the future', unity and freedom of all Americans, regardless of their origins. M/S of the part of the Empire State Building to demonstrate its height.

    Cut to the L/S of the Zeppelin flying over Manhattan. Various shots of the skyscrapers and congested streets. High angle shot of the masses on the streets, all different origins and colours and - according to the voice-over - all calling themselves Americans.

    L/S of a black man walking along the street followed by the M/S of 'mixed company' (two white women and two black men) talking. Some still have far to go to realise equal rights with others, says narrator, but at least they can call themselves Americans. Photographer taking a group picture of a bunch of young black girls.

    L/S of a boat at the sea. Narrator explains that America welcomes visitors with the minimum of prejudice. M/S of Pierre Laval, French premier with radical right wing views, arriving to New York. Cut to an open car with Laval and his host driving through the crowded streets. Masses give Laval a worm reception with lots of flags and confetti.

    High Angle shot of the masses with the voice-over repeating again "All races, yet all American." The mixture of people with, according to narrator, one thing in common - a strong urge to win.

    L/S of the American Football field. Panning shot, players in action. Cut to the start of a motorbike race. Medium shot of the biker falling off the bike and getting up to continue the race. Cut to a low angle shot of a man climbing up a building. Top shot (a bird view) of the same man hanging on the rope, car on the street appear to be very small.

    L/S of the American Army troops marching. Narrator claims that all Americans, although ready to die for their country, have their fears and reservations.

    M/S of the American Commander in Chief of World War One, General Pershing, questioning American fear of war and need for - as well as danger of - growing armament.

    Continued on reel 2 - see separate record.

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