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    'Professor' Albert Kemp attempts to break the World record for the longest time playing the piano.

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    Croydon, Greater London.

    Intertitle: "The NON-STOP PIANIST. 'Professor' Albert Kemp fulfills [sic] self-imposed task and beats World's record of 105 hours".

    M/S of Albert playing the piano. While he plays a barber washes his hair and a woman feeds him an apple. Iris in on C/U of Albert's hands playing. More shots of the barber drying his hair and the woman feeding Albert as he plays. The film appears to have been speeded up for comic effect.

    Note: flash frame of intertitle. AH 2000.

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Comments (12)

  1. Terry-Klink-Zeile says

    Albert Kemp is my wife's biological grandfather.
    After Croydon his act went to Germany where he toured from 1921 onwards.
    His daughter, Anita, was born in Germany in 1923.
    Albert Kemp reappeared in Stuttgart with the US forces in 1945-1946.
    He spent the war years in Germany in the underground
    In 1946 he reappeared in Stuttgart with the US forces.

    Either way there are photos of him in our
    possession playing in Sindelfingen in S. Germany.

  2. lettice says

    From information I have, Albert Kemp, professor of music who lived in Croydon UK in 1920, was my grandfather and married to my grandmother Ida Kemp in 1920. I have the marriage certificate. They had a son, my father, John Kemp in 1921. Albert then left them for Germany and sent several letters to my grandmother from Germany, which I have. All contact then ceased until after the war when he did arrange to meet my father but did not show. We have not heard anything from him or about him since and my father is now deceased. I would be interested to hear about his life in Germany.

    Dianne Collins May 2014

  3. lettice says

    Haven\'t looked at this site for sometime. To Bross 1960. I am sorry I don\'t have much information regarding Albert\'s family. Have lots on his wife, my grandmother, Ida Kemp. She lived with us most of her life and died in 1980 aged 87 years. My father, their son, was named John (known as Jack) Kemp. He died n 2014, also aged 87 years. Interesting you said Albert married again, not sure how he managed that as he was never technically divorced from my grandmother. ???? Only have one photograph of Albert, Ida didn\'t really talk about him, having been left,holding the baby, as it were. Have three letters from Albert to my grandmother, dated 1921 from Stuttgart. All very interesting. Just trying to work out how we would be related? Step cousins ? It would be lovely to speak to you,or even meet you I live in Uk! easy to get to Germany, we were there in the summer visiting Dresden. Hope you look at site sooner than I did. My email:

  4. lydia1895 says

    That is very interesting information. I am Albert Kemp\'s granddaughter. We would be very interested in information relating to AK\'s life in Britain before he came to Germany. My grandmother met Albert Kemp in 1922 in Sindelfingen. They had a daughter, my mother, who was born in 1923. Already before my mother was born, they had split up. However, Albert Kemp remained in contact until around 1928 when he suddenly disappeared. In the 1940s, during the War, he suddenly reappeared in Sindelfingen to enquire as to my mother\'s (his daughter\'s) safety but was almost arrested. Following WW II he almost immediately reappeared in Sindelfingen/Stuttgart and worked for the Americans as a translator, he also gave concerts. At that time my mother was in regular contact with him. By then he had, however, married a lady from East Prussia (Koenigsberg). In 1947 Albert Kemp returned to England with his wife. My mother was in regular contact with him until 1957 when he died in Lewisham. To be cont\'d.

  5. lydia1895 says

    My mother and grandmother were in regular contact with AK\'s mother and grandmother who were Danish and had emigrated first to Canada and then the USA. We also know that AK and his brother John, whose father died young, grew up in London, living at his step-grandfather\'s who, by coincidence, also was from Southern Germany.

    I personally met my grandfather as a small child.

    I would be very interested in hearing from you. Is there a way of contacting you? Perhaps we could meet?
    P.S.: The original post (2013) was posted by my husband.

  6. lydia1895 says

    to bross1960
    Bertha was to our knowledge Albert Kemp\'s wife (however, note what lettice says in her post above). She is the lady I referred to when I mentioned the wife he supposedly married in Koenigsberg (East Prussia). She suddenly turned up at my grandmother\'s in southern Germany in 1945 (together with a daughter and granddaughter from a previous relationship)- she claimed to have fled from the advancing Russian army and arrived on a horse-drawn cart, claiming that AK had told her to flee to my grandmother\'s if it became necessary (she certainly had the address). She stayed for a while and then joined AK in Stuttgart once he had reappeared. In 1947 they returned to England together, followed by Bertha\'s daughter Elsie and granddaughter Herma in 1948.
    My grandmother\'s name was Lydia, she was born in 1895 and spent her whole life in Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart). Both my mother (Anita, born in 1923) and grandmother were in sporadic contact with Mary E. Kemp.

  7. lydia1895 says

    In 1942 Anita, AK\'s daughter and my mother, married. As she was half-English she required a special permission to marry and for that she required proof regarding her ancestry. For AK\'s side of the family this information was provided by Mary E. Kemp (via the Swiss Red Cross, as direct communications were no longer possible). For some years during the 1930s my grandmother, Lydia, had no contact with AK. She therefore provided Mary E. Kemp with photos etc. showing Anita\'s progress. Later AK told her that his mother had forwarded the photos to him.

    Do you, by any chance, have any photos of Mary E. Kemp or any of the other family members? We only have various photos of AK.

  8. bross1960 says

    lydia1895-My grandmother was Albert Kemp\'s half sister (Dorothy Emily Peabody Rhodes). Her mother was AK\'s mother (Mary Elizabeth Voldrik Kemp Peabody). She was one of the 2 you spoke of who were Danish and emigrated to Quebec, Canada/US. AK\'s mother(and her then husband, George Peabody) lived with my grandparents (AK\'s half sister and her husband) in Newport, Vermont, USA, about 8 miles over the Canadian border.
    AK also lived in Quebec somewhere between 1931 to 1947. His brother, John, and his wife lived in Montreal, Quebec and my mother remembers them visiting when she was a little girl. My grandmother (AK\'s half sister) was born in Mansonville, Quebec. AK\'s mother would occasionally receive letters from the Danish cousins and read them to my mother, translating from Danish to English. Mom never met AK that she can remember, she was born in 1931. Who\'s Bertha? Would that be your grandmother?

  9. bross1960 says

    I also found a photo of him after the playing session, with a caption from a newspaper clipping. My mother still has the chair that he was sitting in when the photo was taken.

  10. bross1960 says


    I\'ll check with my Mom for photos

  11. bross1960 says

    to lydia1985
    I\'ll check for photos this weekend at my mom\'s house. I\'ll also get in touch with her brothers and see if they have any old photos. This is all very interesting. Kind of hard to keep track of who\'s who but I think I\'m starting to get it.

  12. ChristopherTerry32 says

    To Lettice
    Can you perhaps take up contact. Perhaps through Ancestry, uk?
    Albert Adgar Adolf Kemp possibly worked undercover for allied forces (British?) in Northern Germany throughout WW2.
    What he did in WW1 is not clear, nor where he was.

    Great film sequence. I believe Albert Kemp was still teaching piano in the late 1940s in North Kent/ Greater London area . Catford? Lewisham?

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