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    8 reels of naval footage - some newsreel items, some unedited material.

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    Reel 5. Unedited material. Warship at sea. Small flag on the surface of the sea between the warship and the ship from which film is taken. M/S of group of sailors at the prow of a minesweeper hoisting on deck a float which supports the outboard end of a long sweep-wire. View out to sea - small minesweeper on the horizon. View from the stern of boat - two warships in distance. Flash of light on side of one of the boats. C/U of a signal light being flashed. M/S of float being lowered into the sea once again. It is carried away from the boat by the sea. Side view of boat with light sending signals - possibly Morse code. Another float is lowered over the other side of the boat. C/U of man in a sou'wester and waterproof coat. Various shots of the men on deck looking out to sea. Boat sending signals is seen again on the horizon. Another boat is close to it and they are surrounded by black smoke. C/U of a man on deck wearing a balaclava. High angle shot of men on deck pulling on a rope. A square frame with large slats is hoisted on to the boat. Ships on the horizon.

    Out of focus shots of combat at sea. Shots being fired from warships. Torpedo explosions in water. Smoke rising from ships. Large number of ships in small area. Shots of men on deck. C/U of men in duffel coats - one looks out to sea through binoculars. Men at ship's controls seen from behind as they look out to sea. One turns around and smiles at the camera. C/U of guns on side of ship. Guns are fired. Camera pans back and down to show men loading the guns. They all wear tin helmets and duffel coats. Another group of men by another, similar gun. These men are wearing long leather coats. It seems to be their "smoko" - they all sit around lighting cigarettes and smoking. L/S of warship as sun is going down.

    Battleship in dock. Men walk around on deck. Closer view of this ship, smoke emerging from funnels. Various C/Us of parts of the ship. M/S from the dock - young sea cadets assist with the ropes. L/S of the boat. M/S of very large guns of the boat. L/Ss of the boat as it leaves the dock - men on deck.

    Stalion (sic - from leader) submarine. Top of sub visible from the side of another ship. Seagulls fly over the sub - some land on it. Sailors operate a revolving gun on the side of the ship. Good shots. Top shot of the sub. Man works on the top of the submarine fastening down a section. He stumbles as he walks away. Good M/S of Captain (?) with a beard and moustache walking down steps of the boat. He salutes as he goes down. Various shots of him. Including a C/U of him smiling. C/Us of two sailors of different rank smiling at the camera and standing very still on the quayside.

    Submarine moves past the camera (right to left) - L54 painted on its side. Another submarine - M.1 passes by in the other direction. Shot of the M.1 as it begins to submerge. Battleship in the distance with rays of sun splaying out from the clouds above. Top shot of battleship guns being moved around to take aim. Shot from one battleship of another in the distance - sun on the water. Small boat very low in the water. Battleship sails past left to right. C/U of tops of submarines in dock - H39, H49 and H44. Camera pans across submarines - another vessel with R10 painted on side visible.

    Submarine sails into port with the flag of the Royal Navy flying. Another submarine passes by left to right. Moving camera shot of submarines lined up in dock. K12 submarine moves into port. Battleship steams through sea at great pace with water breaking over its bows. Top shot of battleship guns being turned. Another submarine getting ready to submerge. Heads of spectators on a boat visible as it passes K6 submarine with men standing on the deck (the cameraman is behind the spectators). High shot of large number of battleships in a harbour - Gibraltar? Shot could be taken from a hillside or high building. Closer shot, still from high angle panning across boats. Other views of the ships in harbour. Shot of the landscape nearby.

    Shot of backs of three men as they load a large magazine belt into a ship's gun. Interior. A doctor bandages a man's arm. Wider shot of this, portholes visible in the background so obvious they are below decks.

    C/U of sailor - very handsome! He looks up and smiles at the camera. View of prow of ship with sun setting ahead of it. Sea plane is lowered on to deck of ship - two men stand on the wings. Several men operate a revolving gun at the stern of the ship. Below decks in the ship's kitchen. Cook gets hot containers out of heating cupboards. Shot of men eating at a long table with portholes behind them. A youngish man hands one of the men at the table a bowl of soup. Men operate the revolving gun.

    In the kitchen - a very large ladle is used to scoop liquid into a metal container. Steamy shots of the kitchen. Cooks moving food around, large metal trays containing unidentified foodstuffs. C/U of a potato being peeled. Shadows of a grill are seen on the man's hand and chef's whites. L/S of cook at the end of the galley - another cook joins him. C/U of one of the cook using a knife to shape some small unidentified items of food. Camera pans down several plates of food - difficult to see what it is but it looks quite good - must be for the Captain's table! The other chef prepares cooked whole pheasants for the table. They seem to be paying a lot of attention to the presentation of the food. Pheasant feathers are used as decoration.

    Exterior shot. Sailors load guns. Shots from various angles of the guns being loaded.

    Note: this material used in Pathe Gazette story: "Our Navy at Exercises" - see "Naval Material reel 6"

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    1940 - 1949
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