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    Film designed to inspire men to join the army - acted combat scenes in fictional Middle Eastern state.

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    01:12:41 Dhala Plateau. High angle L/S and M/Ss of a camel train crossing dusty countryside. Jaunty music accompanies the shot. Arab traders lead camels and donkeys. Some children and women ride on the backs of donkeys. Suddenly this picturesque scene is punctured with machine gun fire. C/Us of guns being fired and men and children fall to the ground. Fast editing of camels, guns, explosions, dead bodies, children looking distressed etc. A man turns a body over with his foot. Title: "Incident at Karandi."

    01:13:48 "Two men with a job to do" states the narrator over a shot of a man in army uniform driving through the desert in a Land Rover - his passenger wears an ordinary shirt and tie. They are Colonel Owen and Mr Harris - the political advisor. The country featured in the film is a "mythical Middle Eastern state" that has a treaty with Britain. It serves to represent the many small states which call on the British army for help when in trouble.

    01:14:11 Land Rover enters Beighan Town. Acted sequence - a Sultan speaks to the two visitors of "border trouble". The political advisor states that a mobile force has been ordered to stand by.

    01:14:43 M/S of army vehicles driving towards the camera. The trucks carry men. Major Rogers and Captain Phillips follow behind in Land Rover. Column halts and soldiers get out of the trucks.

    01:15:23 Aircraft passes overhead - aerial shots of ground below intercut with shots of the pilot speaking into his radio. He is in contact with Major Rogers in the Land Rover. He states that he can see the convoy and that there is no sign of trouble. Karandi Fort is seen from the air.

    01:16:13 Acted sequence. Officers on the ground plan their next move. They decide to send a party through the pass. Lieutenant Richardson and Sergeant Milton discuss manoeuvres. Men are seen climbing up a mountain through binoculars. Richardson is called to the walkie talkie set, he then gives order to Milton. The men are ordered to get into the trucks. Scramble.

    01:17:17:39 Richardson gets into a Land Rover with Lieutenant Gardiner - there is some banter between the two of them. The column moves off around a primitive desert road. Point of view shot from front of truck. Various shots of men in the convoy looking nervously around them as they drive through.

    "I don't like this one little bit, it's too damn quiet" says one of the officers. An order is given to speed up.

    01:19:09 Point of view shot from high in the rocks - there is a sniper lying on the rocks. Other enemy snipers are seen taking aim at the convoy. Suddenly the windscreen of a truck is shattered by a bullet - gun fire rings out. Men jump from the trucks and run across rocks. One of our men is shot and lifted to safety. Various shots of combat. A truck bursts into flames.

    01:20:45 Richardson speaks to radio signaller - C/U of radio shows that there is a bullet hole through the radio set. Another radio set is found and the instruction to "fire" is given. Large artillery guns are fired ("25 pdv guns" - 25 pounders?). Various shots of our men in action, explosions, officer giving orders, men firing guns, wounded being tended to, etc.
    01:22:04 Jeep pulls up beside burned out truck. Rogers gets out, talks to Milton then goes to join his men. Officers discuss their plan of action. Rogers says to Richardson: "How do you feel about it? Do you think you can make it?" Richardson replies: "We'll have a damn good go sir."

    01:23:29 Dusk scenes. Richardson talks to corporal on duty. They talk of his young brother - to show the interest the Officer takes in his men.

    01:23:48 Richardson wakes Gardiner and they begin to reminisce about Sandhurst. Richardson has been reminded of the tactics lessons they used to have their. Dissolve into a shot of Richardson sitting in a classroom at Sandhurst. High angle shot of a battle plan laid out in the classroom, two men stand with long poles showing various battle tactics. Richardson stands up to answer a question, he takes one of the poles and points to a spot on the battle plan. Various footage of men in training at Sandhurst. Book learning - the theory is just as useful as the practice. Training in the use of walkie-talkie sets in the grounds of Sandhurst. "Square bashing" - various shots. Training in how to move under cover through long grass.

    01:25:42 Richardson is woken from his reverie by a sergeant - he has been asleep. It is early in the morning and the men dress and have a cup of tea. The men prepare to move off. They walk across rocky landscape. Dramatic music on soundtrack. The men are told to keep quiet. Another location - Air Force personnel prepare aircraft. According to paperwork this is the airfield in Aden, Yemen. Orders are given to the pilots. Back to our men making their way across rocky landscape. Officers watch progress though binoculars. Aircraft take off from RAF airfield.

    jeeps trucks transport army wars Milton Rogers Richardson class dusk families Sandhurst training teaching schools books walkie talkies radios communications disguises sleeping drinking Royal Air Force RAF aircraft aviation Aden Yemen pilots binoculars airfields tea

    Colour fading is very bad on this print - pink cast throughout.

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  1. Ahmedali says

    Very nice this flim in Aden protectoreate .. i am from aden

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