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    Promotional film for Austin lorries and vans - includes footage of design, manufacture, testing and use. c. 1958

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    Reel 1. Technicians in white boiler suits walk into garage and remove white sheet covering truck. Title superimposed - The British Motor Corporation ltd presents - 'Design For Work'.

    Man climbs into cab of truck and starts the engine. Man seated at work bench makes notes on clipboard. He hands the driver various pieces of equipment and then climbs into the cab himself. C/U lorry wheel as it starts to move away.

    Exterior of garage as man opens sliding door. Sign on door reads "Experimental Keep Out". The lorry drives out - it is dusk and the vehicle has its headlights on. It drives past the exterior of the Austin factory. The company logo is clearly visible on the wall. The security guard on the works' gate checks their paperwork before the lorry drives out of the gate.

    The lorry drives along a country lane. (The voice over tells us that this is a prototype of a new addition to the 'Austin family of vehicles'.) C/U Driver and passenger in the cab. The lorry drives past the MIRA building (Motor Industry Research Association). This is near Nuneaton, Warwickshire. M/S of M.I.R.A. building.

    Two trucks driving round test track. Man in white overalls makes notes on clip board. Shot from inside hut with measuring devices showing trucks going past. Lorry pulls up quickly in breaking test. Two men walk across to measure the tyre marks. C/U man with tape measure. Technicians talk to driver and note his comments. Another lorry draws up alongside and then continues on its way.

    Prototype Austin lorry driving along test track at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association). C/U technician in lorry cab checking instrument. He holds a stopwatch and a clipboard. Quick C/U foot pressing brake pedal. C/U wheels during breaking. C/U driver and technician looking at instruments in the truck's cab.

    Lorries driven through water splash test. Driver and mate check inside cab for signs that water has leaked in. Lorry driven over cobble test track. Lorry towing two other lorries around concrete testing area. C/U technician in cab making notes. C/U driver's hands as he moves the steering wheel. C/U driver. Shot of two lorries being towed.

    C/U man working at drawing board on complex drawing. Drawing office, lots of men working on drawings. C/U man checking drawing of lorry cab with model of man and rulers. He is checking ergonomics. C/U eyes of man while working on drawing (he wears glasses).

    Tracking shot of scientific laboratory. Lots of glass vases and tubes, coloured liquids and white coated scientists. Scientist adjusts flame on Bunsen burner. Very odd shot of face of scientist seen through glass vase. Scientist mixes chemicals. C/U face as he concentrates. C/U chemicals as liquid changes colour. Scientist looks through microscope. Fabric testing machine. C/U dial (shows the device was made by 'Goodbrand & Co. Ltd of Stalybridge'). The needle on the dial moves. C/U fabric as it stretches and breaks. Low angle shot of machine to test metal. Various dials showing results.

    L/S Bwlch-y-Groes mountain pass in North Wales. Prototype Austin lorry pulling hard up incline. C/U driver at steering wheel. Point of View shot from cab as truck drives up the mountain road. Lorry on road. C/U technician making notes on clipboard and checking his stopwatch. Lorry driving towards camera. C/U driver. C/U hand as he changes gear. Shot from back of lorry as it take corner. Lorry drives off along road.

    C/U mechanical hammer drops on to red hot metal. Men working with metal and drop hammers. Red hot metal placed in forge and drop hammer is used to shape it. C/U face of metal worker illuminated by flames from forge. Metal shaped in cast. Metal removed from heat and hit again. C/U metal in cast.

    Men working at machine tools. Sparks fly as man uses grinding tool on part. C/U man using machine tool which shaves off thin pieces of metal . More sparks as metal is ground on tool. Pan up from metal work lathe to man using it. Molten metal poured into mould. Metal poured from crucible into mould. C/U men wearing safety goggles as they work with the molten metal. Flames rise from metal.

    C/U automated drills drilling a cylinder block. Lights flash as automated work is carried out. Parts move out on automated line.

    Two men lift sheet of metal into press. The press comes down and forces the metal into shape. The men remove the pressed steel and place it on a pile of others.

    High angle shot of production line as worker feed tyre into roller. Row of lorries on assembly line. Engine lowered into chassis. Cab lowered from roof crane. C/U man operating crane. The cab is fitted onto the body. Operator gives thumbs up sign and shouts "Okay".

    Lorry driven off end of production line. Lorry driven to parking area.

    C/U statue of Neptune. Ships in docks. Pan across ship called 'Factor'. Sacks of goods lifted by large crane off ship and placed on back of Austin lorry. (According to the Voice over this is an Austin Five tonner and we are looking at Avonmouth Docks). Low angle shot of front of yellow lorry. Austin forward control prime mover being reversed to join its trailer. C/U as trailer locks on. C/U driver checking in wing mirror.

    Brightly coloured Austin cars being carried into docks on trailer. Other lorry pulls away with load. Prime Mover lorry driving through streets of Bristol. C/U driver checking mirror before driving in to traffic. The lorry drives alongside a green bus. C/U driver. Lorry in traffic. C/U driver. Lorry drives along, cathedral spire in back ground. The lorry drives up a steep road. Point of view shot from inside cab. C/U driver as he changes gear. More shots of this articulated lorry. High angle shot of town and canal basin. Lorry drives through shot.

    National Benzole Mixture tanker in oil refinery. The driver climbs into the cab and drives off. Two tankers drive away from the refinery. Small Austin omni-truck at small petrol station. Driver pays female attendant for petrol. The truck drives off the forecourt.

    Building site. Men working on roofs of bungalows. Man walks with hod towards Austin seven ton hydraulic tipper. C/U two men watching tipper lifting up. C/U hydraulic rams lifting trailer. Sand pouring out of tipper.

    Pan down gravel hopper at quarry site. Three tippers being loaded. C/U man filling tipper from large hopper. Tipper pulls away. Gravel is loaded onto lorry by crane.

    Articulated lorry driving along road. C/U driver. Another lorry pulls in behind the articulated one. They drive along country lane. Lorry along road. C/U driver, he is smoking. Lorry driving at dusk. C/U driver.

    Countryside scene. Sheep in yard at farm. Cows loaded onto cattle truck. Farmer walks around truck and climbs into Austin Gypsy four wheel drive vehicle loaded with milk churns. He drives off. The vehicle drives across a field. The farmer gets out to meet man loading milk churns onto lorry.

    End of Reel. Continued on next reel.

    Note: Reel 1 used to be reels 1 and 2. Colour is faded and some parts of the print are scratched.

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