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  1. jamied says

    Reducing this clip's current date range, the "P" registered Mini at 00:53 means the earliest this footage can possibly have been shot would be August 1975.

  2. Yogiadept says

    I lived here in the late 1970's after my parents separated. I think I was perhaps about 5 years old at the time. Brings back lots of memories...! My dad was Alan Smith and he used to own a convenience store on Wilsden High Street before we moved to Chalkhill. He used to own a convenience store on Wilsden High Road in the 1970's, opposite what used to be a grocers. He'd be in his 70's, perhaps early 80's, I think today, if he is still alive. Any information would be useful. Be nice to catch up! I went to Chalk Hill Primary and lived on the third floor of a block of flats from which you could see the school. This was a council property at the time, if memory serves. I remember our flat had an infestation of ants at various times. One of our next door neighbours was a nice black christian family while the other side was always involved in drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities! They even burgled us several times through the fire exists which linked each apartment!

  3. Yogiadept says

    The area, from personal experience, was rather primitive to put it mildly. I recall going to the local Welsh Harp Reservoir on several occasions and you'd invariably see the odd pervert standing behind trees looking at the children. Chalk Hill was no different. At one time I recall a man trying to drag me into his car but gave up when he saw I wasn't going to go readily! I think I was about 7 at the time. Another time a man tried to drag me up into the Chalk Hill block of flats but gave up after I kicked him the the @£&$*$. I remember going home after finishing school and a black teenager grabbing be and pulling me, at knife point, to the base of some steps to my flat and threatening to kill me. Luckily a woman came down the steps at that time and I shouted mum (although I didn't know who she was) and my assailant let go giving me time to run to my flat as quickly as possible with heart pounding! I hope the lady in question was ok!

  4. Yogiadept says

    We had a group of black youths once knock on the door (I always checked through the letter box first) and they all had knifes! Mum told me to ignore them, which I did, and didn't answer the door. They did appear to go away but not before they peed on our door causing the wood to expand and crack! Most night we couldn't sleep because our neighbours were always pumping music while high on drugs until about 5am. Many of the black teenagers and young men were either on drugs on selling them and even at the age of 8 I could have told you where and who these people were quick easily (I could have brought down major drug and crime cases in Chalk Hill had police ever bothered to contact the locals or even showed up!) Actually, I never saw police there whatsoever during my whole time there even though it was one of the major drug and crime capitals of London in the 1970's. Curious! The area did have lots of black gangs and paedophiles in those days. I trust it's better today.

  5. Yogiadept says

    I believe a few years after we left Chalk Hill the whole area was knocked down and rebuild again. I probably wouldn't recognise much of it today, except the Primary School, which is still there I understand and railway where we used to play as kids. There was quite a diversity of people in the 1970's. Different cultures and colours. White people, such as myself, were a definite minority. I recall a circus coming to Chalk Hill every summer and watching it from our balconies.

  6. Yogiadept says

    In reply to jammed and Pathe, if you look at the clapper board at 6:30 - 7:00 minutes it clearly states this film was taken on 24th November 1976.

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