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    In Turkey, caretaker Prime Minister, Bulent Ecevit, has addressed the opening session of the Islamic News Agencies Congress.

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    CU Poster advertising Islamic news agencies congress at Istanbul technical university

    CU PAN INTERIOR Former Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit arrives and sits

    SV & CU Delegates from Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria seated (5 SHOTS)

    CU Empty chair of Palestinian delegate

    CU Ecevit speaking

    SV Delegates rise and applaud

    Dear Delegate to the Congress of Islamic News Agencies and esteemed guests.

    We are very happy to receive in our country the representatives of the Islamic news agencies.

    We are particularly happy that this Congress is being held in Istanbul, a city which reflects the richness of the Islamic's culture and art.

    Increasing re-approachment, solidarity and co-operation among Islamic countries is a significant phenomenon of our age.

    The solidarity and co-operation which have been and will be, increasingly achieved thanks to our common faith and our cultural ties can increase both our individual and, beyond that, our collective strength, thus enabling us to have wide influence in the determination of international developments, I am convinced that the common force which has been and will be created that way would lead to results from which our nations, and beyond that the whole humanity benefit.

    One of the main tenets of my conviction is that;

    Efforts have started to bring about an equitable new economic order in the world. The evolution of a new, just and equitable economic order, the narrowing of the gap between the industrially developed countries is, therefore, in the interests of all Islamic countries. Prevention of all kinds of exploitation and imperialism is dependent on how much we can narrow this gap and hence permanent and just peace.

    Natural resources are, in general, depletable. Therefore ensuring the future welfare and tranquillity of the people in countries whose richness now depends on natural resources, depends on the proper utilization for a healthy development and industrialization.

    For such a development and industrialization, some of countries may lack economic or technical means or suffer from shortage of skilled manpower while others are confronted with a lack of natural resources or capital.

    However, our individual shortcomings can be easily overcome if we combine our means and resources within the framework of a productive cooperation.

    Our common religious and cultural heritage and ties which have their roots in history, provide the best basis for such a co-operation. Keeping these ties alive under the fast changing condition of our contemporary world, and keeping these ties at the desired level depends, more than anything else on maintaining a constant flow and exchange of culture and information between Islamic countries.

    The institution which can best meet this requirement are the news agencies and the press, radio, and television transmission. For this reason, our government tried during its brief period in power, to rapidly develop our relations with brother Islamic countries in all fields. We have attached special importance to the formation of close ties with the news agencies, the press and the radio television of Islamic countries.

    Both the Anadolu Ajansi and the Turkish Radio-Television Corporation have taken numerous stops to this effect during the past one and a half years.

    We are highly encouraged to see that our desire to render more lively and more effective news reporting which would further reinforce the existing sound relations between or countries is being shared by brother Islamic countries.

    The Congress convened in Istanbul today is a new proof of this mutual desire and common need.

    The co-operation to be achieved between our news agencies and our press and information services thanks to this Congress constitutes an important stage in islamic countries' effort s in shaking a happier world.

    Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey who as one of the first leaders of the Struggle against imperialism, founded Anadolu Ajansi as early as 1920, that is, immediately after the start of the Turkish War of Independence. By that act, Ataturk demonstrated the fact that he had realized the importance of communications and flow of information in the struggle against imperialism and in international solidarity.

    Islamic nations, bound by ties so deep-rooted, have to communicate directly in order to be able to know each other better and to be able to follow the developments in the world in general and in other Islamic countries in particular.

    If we follow the developments in other Islamic countries through intermediary third parties or, if we judge each other by the inte???tations of others, we may have difficulty in understanding each other and promoting sound relations with each other. News and comments concerning other Islamic countries may, either deliberately or unintentionally, mislead us. The only way to prevent this is to form direct and permanent communications channels between our countries and to keep these channels open. This we would also be in a better position to inform all humanity about ourselves and our problems.

    Steps to this effect which may be taken by your Congress, could, in time lead to highly positive results and developments. Turkey has been and will always be supporting such steps.

    We have a number of problems on which the international public should be better informed. First of all, there is the national problem of the Palestinian people. Under the leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Palestinian people have recently started to give proof attesting most clearly to the fact that Palestinians would be able to gain the support of international public to the extent that they can inform humanity of their right to own homeland to their own independent state.

    I also believe that problems of the Turkish Cypriots who, after long years of cruelty and oppression, were rid of these pressures to some extent five years ago, would be better evaluated to the extent that the international public opinion is informed of these problems.

    The co-operation between Islamic countries has gained, during the recent years, new dimensions, new institutions and new tools. In this context, Islamic Development Bank, Union of Chambers of Islamic Countries,. Centre of Islamic Statistics and Economic and Social Research and Training and similar institutions have been founded. Preparations have reached the final stage to establish a research centre for Islamic History, art and culture.

    The first trade fair of Islamic countries will be opened in Istanbul next month.

    I hope that representatives of the news agencies will take close interest in that centre and fair to be opened in Istanbul.

    Furthermore, a recreation and sports centre has been founded in the Turkish Federated of Cyprus from which members of youth organizations in all Islamic countries can benefit.

    I wish success to the esteemed delegates to the Congress of Islamic News Agencies in their work and studies both in Istanbul, laden with historical treasures and beautiful examples of our common cultural heritage and in Ankara.

    I hope that your resolutions will be to the benefit of the Islamic World and to humanity.

    Wishing happiness to all guests, I present my respects.

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    Background: In Turkey, caretaker Prime Minister, Bulent Ecevit, has addressed the opening session of the Islamic News Agencies Congress. In his speech -- on Saturday (20 October) -- Mr. Ecevit told representatives from twenty Islamic national news agencies that he hoped the Congress would bring about better communication and co-operation between the Islamic media.

    SYNOPSIS: The venue of the week-long Congress was Istanbul Technical University. Hundreds of journalists had gathered to hear Mr. Ecevit, fresh from his election reversal, give his opening address. The theme of his speech was the need for a greater flow of news and comment between Islamic countries. Too often, he said, Islamic countries received distorted information about each other from non-Islamic sources.

    Mr. Ecevit said that the increasing economic and cultural solidarity between Islamic countries as "an important phenomenon of the age". He hoped that the Congress would launch similar co-operation in the exchange of news in order to present a more accurate picture of Islamic affairs to the rest of the world.

    Mr. Ecevit highlighted the Palestinian cause, saying this was one issue on which the public should be better informed. Recent signs, he said, had indicated that international sympathy for the Palestinian cause had grown as people had become better informed about the underlying issues, and greater co-operation between news agencies would also ensure greater understanding of Islamic affairs.

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