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    This was the first day at ??? for Maria Botela Hartinoz do Peron, better cnown?

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    Isabel arrives at Pink House

    Isabel with papal nuncio

    Isabel with poor family

    Ln Rioja

    blondo girl in street

    Peron makes arrive for power

    Peron with Evita

    coap become

    TS standuo

    Haydeo Padilla ???oting

    interview with Padilla

    Por??? and Isabel in Sp??? from ???

    RAI film crka Isabel cater

    Isabel talks

    highway fighting super: date of incident

    Isabel campaigning

    Isabel with millitary

    Peron and Isabel on balcoby

    from piece wofed by bird on Video tape we shipped

    with Lopez Rega (You're going to have to go through the footage to find shots of them together; its' important)


    dilla translation: "She was very serious and hard working. ne rest of us weren't interested in politics-we were sort of young-???t she was very mature for her ago and liked things like that. When discu??? politics you could well that she know what she wac talking


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    Background: This was the first day at ??? for Maria Botela Hartinoz do Peron, better cnown here as Isabelita little Isabel. Her place of work, the Pink House Argentina's presidential palace. Her job: President of the republic--the fimet time ??? here that a ??? has held that post
    She is head of stat and bend of government. Here she gave on audience to the ambassodor from the Vatican, the Papal Nuncio. ??? the ??? of Juan Paren, Isabelita the richest women in the world. She controls one of its greatest fortunes. But Paronism is supposed to be a movement of the poor and humble. Here Isabelita talked to a family of dedicated Peroniets and promised to find a way of helping them out of their economic problems.

    Isabelita was corn ??? from the glitter and pomp of Buenos Aires and the Pink House Arid. Le Rioja in much today as it was fomy three years ago when the future President wan born there. In the country's extreme north it is the poorest and least developed of the Argentina provinces. Isabelita was the youngest of six children of a bank inspector, a member of the middle ???ship came to the family when the father ??? while Isabelita ??? child
    In these yours while Isabel was in her early too??? Juan Percha was making his poputen drive for power. Person was military man who used the poor and working class as ??? base. peons wife at this time was a one time radio and movie sources ???ned Evita Duerte, horoelf a dynamic political figure.

    Vice Peron died in 1952. In 1955 the military turned on Paron. Ris attacks a wealth and privilege, his indifference to civil liberties and indivual man rights, charges of corruption and a fight with the church all contributed to his ouster. He fled to Paraguay and thereafter to other L???tin American countries before ???tiling on Spain for the cite of his ???le.

    while Isabelita won beginning a career in ??? business. There is a great deal of governmental touchiness about this phase of the president life. It roasted angrilly when he Asuocinted Press referod ??? her as a one-time Cabaret Dancer.

    Hydee Padilla, an actress who studied dancing with Isabelita, a kind of Argentine Carol Burnett. We went to the television to interview her in the hope of getting insights into the life of the bung Isabelita. Srte padilla stressed that they had studied classical Allet, that Isabelita spent her time studying and ???ing to art exhibitions...

    that is it may. ??? was dancing in a folklore group at a place lied Kelly's ?Rit??? in Paname city, when Peron invited the troup to perform his hotel. When the troupe left Panama Isabelita stayed on as a member Peron's outodrage.

    ??? trovelled with Peron to Micaragua, the Dominican Republic and ultimately to Spain where they were married in 1961. AS that time Isabelita was thirty ??? peron sixty-fly.

    For several years they lived a tranquil life in Madcid. But in the mid-sixties a movement arose in Argentina called Peroniam without Peron. ??? from ??? Isabelita so his ??? To ???snos Airos in an to maintain his ??? over the movement which bourn his??
    Everywhere Inabel went she carried the photo of Poroms second wife with her. She had to fight resentment of her among Peronists who Idolized Evita Peron. On this occasion she called Evita "the mother of us all." The film is silent but you can see her lips chanting Evitas name.

    Isabels ??? work was one of the factors contributing to Perins return to ???gentina last year. But the factionali??? dividing the movement remained. This was the road from the airport; The people, Peronists waiting to greet their leading. Clashes between left and right wingers broke out. Intelligence source say that two hundred people lost their lives in the fighting ???g the highway from B???nos Aires to the airport.

    The ??? greet that the seventyeight year old Peron agreed to ??? for President in an effort to ??? it. But ??? in???ted on Is???lits as his Vice Presidential candidate and it was she was did ??? almost all of the campagning.

    Isabel freqeuntly seemed cold and distant. But she worked hard ??? herself under tight control and made no mistakes. Her strongest asset was that she was Peron's choice. On the de???t side ???ere her sex in this male dominated country, her show burinea??? background and a ???ndency toward ???fueas.

    Still the year the election with an ???resive sixty two percent of the popular vote. Peron kept on ??? her as his eventual replacement. Here the ??? mortiwed troops prior to a Vice Presidential visit to neighbouring Paraguay. Considered a member of the conservative wing of Peronium, Isabelito carefully mantained good re???tions with the cilitary, whose support was to be oscantial after the death of Peron.

    This was the generale last appearance in Public, June 12 of this year. Isabel stood admiringly at his side wails Peron addressed a mass rally. Her public attitude toward her husband was wrshipful. She seemd to regard him loss as a man than as a symbol, a monument or a saint.

    It was with deen emotion that she want on television to announce the generals dentheeuppick natsof of her almost losing control
    ???fare ??? Lopay Rega??? with the new President during ??? of ??? ceremonies. Alone-time police cor???cl and member???ral ceremonies member of Peronis body guard, Lonoz Rega was been reappointed residential ??? secratary. Isabels decision to keep him on inspite of his wide spread unpopularity is seen here as a sigh she i???nds to run this country in fact as well as name.

    The question now in how long Isabe???ta will last as President. Many experts believe that if she survives at all it will be as a symbolic leader with real power elsewhere -- perhaps with the armed forces or with the Labor unions. But this is a woman into has always been ??? years ago the came ??? now she occupine the highest post in her ???y. It has been a mistake to unders???te her in the past and may well be again. ??? Streithorat. NEC NEWS, bu??? Airac

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