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    GV Sidi Barrani with ruined buildings and lorries around them. LV Sidi Barrani with ruined buildings and lorries around them.

    BARDIA, LIBYA, AFRICA: GBV Army car over frontier pan to monumental frontier post, 2 soldiers standing there. CU Inscription on frontier post "Visita del Re Imperatore, 31.538 - X11B (?)" CU to BV lorry through sand with dust cloud left behind. GV 2 army lorries past natives repairing bombed Sollum road. SV native troops repairing bombed Sollum road. LV native troops repairing bombed Sollum road pan to 2 army lorries past. LV soldier repairing telephone wires. SV soldier repairing telephone wires. SV 2 men with cable on drum on barrow. GV army lorries past pan to Capuzzi Fort. CU name 'Capuzzi' on ruined building. SV3 soldiers amongst ruins of Capuzzi GV captured ward material dump, 2 soldiers carrying things to it. SV boxes of war material soldier putting another box there. CU box with 'Per Fanteria Bersaglier' etc. stamped on it. SV box of food. CU cakes of bread. SV sacks of macaroni, 2 soldiers among them. CU hands in macaroni.

    LV stack of rifles, 2 soldiers throwing more on pile. SV pan boxes and cartridges, ' Pertinenza Governo B.D. (o?) on them. SV stack of shells boxes behind. LV group of Italian mortar guns on lorries. SV engineer repairing gun. SV showing date on gun 'Napoli Cannone da 75 Mod 1906 - 1915'Kg. 437' CU date on gun. GV showing stacks of machine guns, soldiers among them. SV Pan stack of machine guns. LV engineers looking at damaged Italian plane- Fiat C.R. 42. LV another wrecked Italian plane army car by it, soldiers walks round plane. GV another wrecked plane. SV another wrecked plane. SV Pan from tap to lorry being filled with fresh water supplies. CU army type filling tank. GV pan lorries in desert and up escarpment. LVBV lorries up escarpment. LV Pan lorry up escarpment and over rough country. SV lorry over rough country. LV troops on lorry up escarpment.

    LV troops manning Bofor gun. SCU troops manning Bofor gun. GV lorries towards along road. SV lorry towards pan to 'Bardia' sign. GV guns in position. CU soldier at rangefinder in gun. GV gun pan to battery commander. CU battery commander attable. GV guns fire. BV gun fires SSV gun fires. GV showing shell bursts in distance, 2 soldiers watching. LV shell bursts in distance. LV guns fire. GV shell bursts. CU shell bursts pan to more. CU gun fires. SV gun fires. SV shell bursts. SV Aussies on sand dune firing rifles. SV shell bursts. SV Aussies and chunks of earth falling near them. BV gun fires. SV shell bursts. BV Bren gun carrier, advancing. BV gun fires. SV troops with anti-tank gun. SV gun fires. CU pan shell bursts. GV 3 planes towards to SV (Hurricans or Spitfires?) GV pan 3 battleships on horizon firing. GV Bardia from sea, smoke in b-g. LV light destroyer firing.

    GV 2 battleships on horizon firing. SV cruiser firing. LV shells bursting in water off harbour. LV destroyer firing. GV Bardia from sea, smoke in b-g. GV showing Bardia in valley. CU Italian sign post pan to boats in harbour. GVBV lorries entering Bardia. LV lorries entering Bardia past building. LV lorry in town of Bardia soldiers around. SV Fascist pole pan down to prisoners. GV showing Italian lorries left lying around outside Bardia. SV Pan showing wrecked lorry and GV tanks in distance. SCU hole in side of tank. SV tank pan to GV line of tanks. LV line of tanks. CU holes in tank. SV Pan more tanks. CU dead Italian in tank. LV towards armoured car leading batch of Italian prisoners. SV prisoners following. LV troops riding captured motorbike past prisoners. GV light tank leading batch of prisoners in. SCU prisoners past. STGV Pan showing prisoners in barbed wire emplacement. 3 CU's smiling prisoner types.

    LV troops giving cigarettes to prisoners. CU troops giving cigarettes to prisoners. GV showing Aussies in Bardia street. CU 'Municipio' pan to entrance of building with soldiers coming out. SV soldier looking at papers in ruined building. CU Speech by Mussolini (a copy) CU chalking off sign 'Via Benito Mussolini' and writing up 'Australia' LV town of Bardia. SV Interior: showing General Wavell at desk, maps around him. CU-General Wavell.



    SV Interior: General Wavell at desk. CU General Wavell. GTV Bardia. STGV Italian prisoners in camp behind barbed wire. 2 GV shots of shells bursting. SV Italian sign over doorway 'Rivendita di te dei Monopoli della Libia'. LV troops mopping up outside Bardia. LV, SV Australians resting and feeding outside Bardia. CU Aussie drinking out of watering can.

    GOOD SCENES: Travel shot: inside Bardia along street, lorries parked at side of road. LV outside Bardia...ruins. SV ruins to SCU. SV troops with captured light gun pan to troops with captured Italian flag. GV Aussies resting pan to lorries in desert? LV pan of prisoners at night SBV pan of prisoners. LV prisoners in camp. STGV to STV line of prisoners being brought into camp. LV showing tank guarding prisoners in desert. LV Pan army cars in desert. SV Australians with light tank gun firing. SV men loading gun. CU types of prisoners. CU types of prisoners. SBV prisoners pan to elderly man with arm in sling pan to CU.

    ORIG. NEG.


    GV lorries in desert; shell bursts in beg. SV Aussies resting and feeding pan to prisoners SV 2 lorries past barbed wire.

    GV lorry in desert towards, shell bursts in b-g. SV lorry and Bofor gun past camera, to LBV. GV Libyan frontier monument and post. SV Libyan frontier showing frontier post. CU repairing telephone wire pan up of man doing so. SCU telephone cable drum on barrow pan to man wheeling barrow. SV 2 men with telephone wire to SCU. GV showing battery commander and man. SV lorry through desert pan to men. SV pile of captured machine guns. LV engineers repairing captured guns...old types. GV engineers repairing captured guns through hole in wall pan through wall. GV Sidi Barrani with ruined buildings and lorries around them. LV Sidi Barrani with ruined buildings and lorries around them. SV lorry past barbed wire entanglements. CU coat of arms with 'Orion' above it. GTV Pan showing lorry and tanks in desert. LV soldiers with lorry in desert. STLV lorry passing troops. SV lorry passing troops.

    SV to CU Aussies in lorry. CU Aussie in lorry STV Aussies in lorry. SV Aussies in lorry. SV Pan from prisoners to CU of Italian riding on tank. GV showing prisoners in desert. 2 CU's of prisoners in desert. GV showing prisoners and Bren Carrier (?) in desert. CU prisoners types. SV prisoners behind barbed wire. SV Aussies in Bardia with Italian flag track to SCU Aussie drinking from bottle. CU Aussie drinking from bottle. GV lorries past monumental frontier post. CU Aussie type pan down to telephone cable on drum. SV of wrecked plane in desert. CU wrecked plane. CU hole in side of plane. CU pan along wrecked plane. LV lorries getting fresh water supply at Capuzzi. LV showing wireless in desert on lorry. SV man with earphones on pokes head out of lorry. SV another man getting into wireless lorry. GV showing Lysander in desert. SV away, Lysander taking off with sand cloud left behind.

    4 GV's of shell bursts in desert near Bardia. SV Aussies cheering near Mussolini sign in Bardia 'Via Benito Mussolini' crossed out and 'Australia' written over. SV of British headquarters in Bardia. SV Aussies in lorry in desert. SV officer on lorry looking through glasses. SV Aussies in Bardia looking at Mussolini sign. GV prisoners coming in, army cars in front, night shot. SV prisoners coming in, night shot; SV Aussies resting pan to prisoners., night shot. GV battleship firing at Bardia. LV light destroyer firing. SV light destroyer passing battleship of Queen Elizabeth class. GV 3 planes past (Hurricans or Spitfires) SV sailor taking bearings.

    Military - Active; Camera Effects; Libya; Personalities - Journalists; Self-Reference; North Africa


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