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    Tobruk, Africa: SV. Large tank past and pan to GV. Tanks moving off. SV. Large tank moving off. LV Tank moving off. CU. pan tank moving past pan to LV. Transport. GV. Pan to BV. Lorries full of soldiers moving off. GV. 5 airmen walking across desert towards plane, BV. of which is in B.G. on horizon. LV. Airmen loading up plane with bullet cases. SV. Airmen loading case into plane. GV. Plane - Douglas Boston - taking off. GV. Pan two planes taking off. SV. Tank Corps Commander sitting on tank, BV. of soldier in foreground. CU. Tank Commander on tank. Side V. 2 men standing on tank. LV. Facing stationary tank. GV. Planes in air. GV. Men firing A.A. guns. SV. Officer with Lance Corporal giving order to fire with flag. BV. Gun firing. GV. Explosions. LV. Guns firing. SV. soldier loading gun. CU. Putting shell into breach. Side V. Putting shell in breach. GV. Explosions. GV. Tank and infantry advancing. BV. 5 soldiers advancing and falling behind low wall of stones to take aim.

    TV. Soldiers on ground aiming rifles. GV. Explosion soldiers in F.G. of picture. CU. Soldier looking through glasses and crawling along ground. GV. Large explosion - soldiers advancing towards it. GV. Tank advancing pan to SV. Tank past. LV. Tank towards and past. GV. Soldiers advancing. LV. Soldiers walking past 4 captured Germans with hands raised. SV. Pan more captured Germans holding hands up. CU. Pan German past with guard, shirt blown from him, shoulder bandaged. SV. Pan Germans with hands up pan to British soldier grinning. LV. tommies advancing through barbed wire. SV. Tommies with captured anti-tank gun. LV. soldiers lying on ground with anti-tank gun. SV. Soldiers in trench with rifles ready to fire. GV. Tanks advancing- explosions in B.G. SV. Tank arriving past captured German tank burning. C.U. German tank on fire. LV. German tank burning pan British tank past. SV. Towards and past large tank. GV. Tanks. LV. Italians surrendering getting out of tank. CU. Italians surrendering. GV. Pan captured German tanks.

    SV. Captured German tank. CU. Cannot-gun on tank. CU. British soldier with hand in sling sitting on tank examining shell. SV Track towards captured Germans. GV. Line of captured Italian prisoners. SV. Italian prisoners walking past. SV. Soldier sitting on back of car pan to Germans following pan to LV. Line of Italian prisoners. 2 CU's pan Italian prisoners past. SV. Towards wounded italian prisoners being helped along. BV. Wounded prisoners. 2 SV's towards Italian prisoners carrying wounded in blankets as stretchers. GV. Tank crews, by tanks, resting in desert. SV. Tank commander sitting down looking tired. LV. Soldiers in trench on look-out. LV. & CU. Tommies with anti-tank gun. LV. Artillery firing. BV. Guns firing. GV. Tank and infantry advancing. Front V. towards british soldiers advancing. LV. Soldiers advancing. LV. Soldiers arriving in Tobruk waving. SV. Soldier shaking hands with tank commander. TV. Shaking hands. SV. Tobruk commander talking to Officer in 'British Warm' coat.

    GV. Lorries etc. along road to Tobruk - sea in background. LV. Germans marching along road - sign at side "8th. Army. A.P." at side. Pan Germans marching along road. LV. Prisoners at Tobruk quayside. SV. Prisoners getting into barge. GV. Prisoners entering barge. SV. Prisoners into barge. LV. Barge pulling away crammed with men. SV. General Sikorski arriving at Tobruk. SV. Towards Gen. Sikorski. STV. Sikorski speaking to Pole. SV. Sikorski decorating pole, Major-General S. Kopanshi, Commander of P.I.B.G. with Polish Cross. CU. Pole Kopanshi wearing medal. SV. Sikorski decorating another Pole, Gunner T. Budzich with Military cross. GV. Tanks and men waiting around. SV. Tanks & crews waiting. CU. Tobruk commander and tank commander comparing notes. GV. Interior, men repairing tanks. SV. Taking exhaust out of tank. SV. soldier hammering tank. CU. Soldier looking over tank. LV. & SCU. Men easing gun barrel onto tank. SV. Exterior men mending track of tank. CU. Hammering rivet into track. CU. Tightening nut on track. SV. & CU. Man pulling 'pull-through' through tank gun and soldier nearly falling. SV. Loading tank with shells. SCU. Cleaning small machine gun on tank. GV. Tanks, and tank moving towards. CU. Tank away. Pan tank moving. BV. Tanks on the move. GV. Showing explosions. SVTroops and lorries, with Red Cross lorry. short scene troops duck pan to SV. Bomb exploding. GV. Stukas attacking. Three shots of A.A. guns firing. LV. Showing Stukas falling SCU. Soldier looking through glasses. LV. Plane crashing and bursting into flames. SV. soldier lowers binoculars, gets excited. LV. Showing pall of smoke where plane crashed. LV. Troops moving forward away. SV. Troops with captured anti-tank? gun. SV. Troops with captured machine gun. GV. Tanks in distance and tank firing. LV. Wrecked Nazi tank. CU. Dead German pan up to German tank. SV. Another wrecked tank. CU. Damage on tank. LV. & SV. Wrecked lorry. LV. 3 soldiers looking at wrecked Messerschmitt. CU. Looking into cock-pit. Shot looking along plan e showing swastika. LV. Burned out Italian plane. Pan down wings of burnt out plane.

    LV. Showing captured guns. SV. Tank passing camera. LV gun firing. BV. Gun firing. GV. Showing Italians and Germans surrendering and waving handkerchiefs. SV. Showing Italians kneeling, hands raised holding handkerchiefs. GV. Line of prisoners being marched away. Pan endless stream of prisoners walking towards. CU. Italians towards camera smiling. GV. pan from tanks keeping watch on line of prisoners to line. GV. Line of prisoners across desert away.

    GOOD SCENES... SV. Pan soldiers on tank conveyors pat camera. GV. Troops advancing in open formation. smoke in distance. SV. group of soldiers in emplacement. GV. Tank towards across scrubland. GV. Troops advancing. GV Tanks and troops across desert. GV. Troops advancing. BV Lorries and men. BV Men advancing. GV. Tanks and men advancing. BV. Pan tank past line of prisoners. SV. Prisoners walking past camera. STV. Line of prisoners past. BV. Pan line of prisoners into distance. GV. Soldier manning A.A. gun in desert. SV. Soldier looking into range finder.

    SV Soldier looking into range finder. SV. Soldiers working predictor. SV. soldiers loading Trench Mortars. BV. Light tanks across desert. SV. Tank crews past camera. SV. Pan line of battle stained tank crews laughing. SV. Pan Beaufighter with wing torn away. CU. Damaged wing pan down to Pilot and observer. BV. German prisoners walking with hands raised. SV. Prisoners past with escort. GV. Pan & SV. group of prisoners. SV. Young German officer. SV. Prisoners attending their own wounded. CU. Prisoners attending wounded. SV. Prisoners digging under British supervision. SV. & GV. Prisoners digging. SV. Prisoners using pick-axes.

    GOOD SCENES..ORIG.NEG... LV. Pan 2. Douglas-Boston planes taking off. 2 GV Pans Bostons taking off. CU. & LV. Explosions in desert. LV. Pan explosions in desert. CU. Dead German pan up to captured German tank. G. Disabled tank. GV. british tank past disabled tank. SV. Burning German tank pan smoke. LV. Burning tank pan British tank. LV. Tanks in distance. GV. Motor transport past in desert. LV. Prisoners towards. GV. Line of prisoners past camera. 2 CU's types past camera. SV. Captured enemy tank. 3 SV's members of tank crews. Italians, surrendering. Track towards 2 Americans officers, Colonel Fellows and another, looking at map. GV. Captured German tank on tank conveyor. SV. Conveyor. GV. Tank conveyor away with tank. GV. Tank crew run and man light tank. CU. Tank past. GV. & SV. Captured German tank. CU. Pan turret of tank. SV. British tank soldier looking through porthole of German tank. SV. British soldier with hand in sling sitting on captured tank looking at shell. GV. Captured tank pan to another. SV. Captured German tank. Angle shot of turret. GV. British soldier inspecting crashed Messerschmitt. CU. & SV. German sign on plane shot cover tail, of soldier inspecting., Track towards German prisoners over desert. SV. & GV. Prisoners past camera. SV.Lorry leading prisoners pan along line of them. GTV. Line of LV. Stukas dive bombers attacking transport. SV. Tanks past. 2 Scenes light tanks past. SV Cruiser tank past. SV. pan tank past. BV. Cruiser tank past pan from tank to prisoners. LV. Line of prisoners across desert.

    Military - Active; Prisoners of War; British Empire; Australia; New Zealand; Self-Reference

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