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    "Dinamo", "Burievestnik", the Army team, "Spartak", "Locomotive, Urozhai - all of these sports societies and leading athletes take part in the 1964 modern Soviet pentathlon competition. 24 sportsmen - 24 contenders for the gold medal.

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    Flags of sports-societies.

    Close-up of sportsmen.

    Line of sportsmen.

    Close-up Novikov.

    Drawing lots.

    Makeev draws.


    Novikov takes up a number and puts it on the table.

    Training for the cross-country race.


    Coaches gives instructions.

    Various shots during jumping obstacles.

    Here's Makeev, the rider in the white shirt.

    In the swimming pool.

    Swimming alone and in teams.

    The coach gives instructions.

    Swimming in groups they come up to the starting blocks. Fencing.

    Chuvilin, the team's senior coach instructing Makeev.

    Sdobnikov receiving an individual lesson.

    Sdobnikov preparing his weapons for use.

    Loads his pistol.


    Targets removed.

    The results shown.

    Another shot by the entire team.

    Sdobnikov close up.

    A series of shots by the entire team.

    Coach. Making a correction.

    Shooting again.

    Sdobnikov training.

    Drawing lots.

    Sdobnikov drawing.

    Beletsky about to shoot.



    The horse does badly, refusing to jump the obstacle.

    Sdobnikov rides down from a hill.

    Close up of horse and wicket.

    Horse falls and Sdobnikov gets up and continues.

    The fencing hall.

    Makeev preparing, fencing, taking off mask.


    Mineev and Novikov preparing to shoot.

    Makeev shooting.

    Mineev and Novikov taking turns.

    Swimming pool.

    Mineev taking part in round.


    Novikov undressing.


    Makeev starts in same round.

    Novikov, close up.

    Place of the cross-country race and the starting points.

    Novikov, Makeev and Mineev starting, coming to a turn.

    Makeev crosses a stream.

    A turn and the home stretch.

    The finish.

    The parade.

    Sportsmen line up.

    Novikov, Mineev and Makeev rise to the pedestal.

    The badge of the candidate to the national Olympics team.



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    Background: "Dinamo", "Burievestnik", the Army team, "Spartak", "Locomotive, Urozhai - all of these sports societies and leading athletes take part in the 1964 modern Soviet pentathlon competition. 24 sportsmen - 24 contenders for the gold medal. Igor Novikov is one of them. Lots are being drawn for horses.

    Albert Makeev, candidate for the Soviet team at the Olympics, is outwardly very calm.

    Looks as though Victor Minayev is seeking his coach constantly.

    Four-times world champion Igor Novikov. The announcer keeps calling sportsmen to the table. Here's ex-world champion Edward Sdobnikov.

    (back out)
    The National championship is the most important competition this year. The army team is training hard. It is one of the best Soviet teams, numbering among its members such honoured masters of sports as Tatarinov, Deriugin, two-times Soviet champions Boris Pahomov, Makeev, Michuzhkin and honoured master of sports and ex-world champion Edward Sdobnikov.

    The pentathloners in training.

    There are five events in the program, three a day. There's horseback-riding and fencing in the morning and swimming in the evening. Or it may be reversed - a cross-country race in the morning with fencing and swimming to follow.

    Training for horseriding.

    The Soviet army team has many horses so each rider tries to change horses every time.

    The last training periods were held at Pl???nernaya, near Moscow. The Soviet championship was held here. The locality is good and the obstacles difficult.

    There are stationary and movable obstacles which fall if the jump is not well performed. There are usually 20 obstacles in a competition (10 stationary and 10 movable). The winning Pentathloner must jump well over them. The abilities of the rider are very important, but it is mainly up to the horse. It happens that after several bumps against an obstacle the horse becomes afraid of it and jumping barriers becomes a great difficulty. That is why the riders take such pains during training.

    The distance for official competitions is usually one and a half kilometers. The highest score - 1100- can be obtained by covering the distance in 3 minutes 45 seconds without a single fault. Every fault is followed by a loss of 30 points. But all that is ahead, the task in hand is training.

    The third event in the pentathlon is swimming.

    During competitions you have to swim 300 meters in free style. During training you do a kilometer and a half or two.

    Major Pavel Poliakov keeps the time for every 50 meters, regulates the speed of the swimmers, constantly accelerating or retarding it.

    This trains the swimmers to calculate their strength and time. Naturally each sportsman has his favourite kind of sports activity.

    One's best at fencing, another at running.

    Pahomov and Shakarnis are the best swimmers. The second is a master of sports in swimming.

    But in distinction from others, who go in for their specific kind of sports the pentathloners must be equally adept at all five kinds.

    300 meters in 4 minutes give a score of 1000. More than 300 meters in the time allotted brings you more points accordingly.

    The Soviet army team are all masters of sports in fencing. Before the Soviet national championship, which was also the training period for the Olympics they worked together with the fencers. The result was that they all started fencing better and became more certain in wielding the weapon.

    Senior coach of the Soviet national team Oleg Chuvilin is giving Makeev an individual lesson. The training in fencing consists of individual exercises in separate elements and fencing with an opponent.

    A change of weapons. The are going to shoot. The target is at a distance of 25 meters. The pentathloners are allowed a series of 4 shots, each direct hit scoring 10. Like no other event in the pentathlon shooting demands technical exactitude, will power, ability to concentrate and great experiences.

    What are the tasks in training? Rapid reloading and preparation for the shot because only 3 seconds are allowed between shots. Training for a good stance, raising the arm and slow movement of the finger on the trigger.

    When every requirement is observed the bullets shoot ten points every time.

    That's how the army team trained until the day of the competition.

    The first day for the individual title in horsemanship. The distance is 1500 meters with 20 hurdles.

    Army team member Victor Beletsky starts on Galop. He made the distance in 3 minutes 27 seconds making only one fault. His score was 1070, the best in the first 12 trials.

    The 15 start. Neftianik team member Victor Mineev riding Tok. He is a contender for the Olympic team.

    The Baku sportsman demonstrated marvellous ability clocking 3 minutes 22 seconds and scoring the highest score - 1100.

    4 times world champion and three times champion of the Soviet Union - Igor Novikov of the Dinamo team. The veteran pentathloner had bad luck.

    The horse Sabotage justifies its name. It refuses to jump and Novikov succeeds in making it do so in the nick of time.

    Sdobnikov astride the Astra on top of hill. The horse rapidly approaches the wicket... Sdobnikov wills himself into continuing the competition.

    The event on the second day is fencing.

    Igor Novikov leads the two days competition with 2139 points. he is followed by Mineev - 2013 points. Makeev is fourth with 1923 points.

    The decisive third day of the competition. The three leaders awaiting the command. Makeev ready for his first shot. Mineev is having a lively talk with the coach. Novikov seems oblivious of his surroundings.

    Shoot! Makeev shoots. Makeev shoots in the second round. 4 shots in exactly 3 seconds - score 193.

    This reminds us of a duel. Its a competition in sharpness, and coolheadedness. Novikov is calm - 50, 49, 50, 50. Mineev shoots 49, 50, 47, 47. Novikov's score is 199, Mineev's - 193.

    6 fifty meter lanes. They are competing for the first three prizes and for getting into the first ten places.

    Victor Mineev in the 13 round. He is a good swimmer. He is happy about the result he has obtained. His total score in four days is 4028 points.

    The 16 round. Novikov preparing to start. He is already beyond reach of his competitors.

    Albert Makeev starts in the same round. Although Onishchenko of the Avangard team was first at the finish, the leaders have made a good showing. They win over a thousand points each. The score for four days is 4269 for Novikov and 3898 for Makeev.

    The fifth day. Pionerskaya station near Moscow again. The cross-country race. Sportsmen start one after another.

    There are four kilometers to go across difficult country: two sheer slopes in the middle and at the end. Its a rugged terrain with unexpected turns and drops. Its interesting that 4 kilometers in 15 minutes wins 1000 points in an international competition. The same is won in 14 minutes in the Soviet Union. This is done to train the sportsmen better.

    Here's the score for the last day.

    Mineev - 13 min. 59 sec.

    Novikov - 13 min. 55 sec.

    Makeev - 13 min. 19 sec.

    The competitors for the national championship are lined up again. The title of Champion of the Soviet Union and the gold medal are awarded to Igor Novikov.

    The silver medal goes to Victor Mineev.

    The bronze medal to Albert Makeev.

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