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    MWS 2-Shot...Glynn Lunney (1.) and Professor Bushuyev (r.) seated at table during welcoming ceremonies at JSC, Houston...pan right to 2-shot of Sigmund Sjoberg (1.) and interpreter Alex Tatischeff at podium.
    6 ft

    MS 2-shot...Sjoberg and Tatischeff at podium.
    9 ft

    WS Soviet delegation seated in Main Auditorium of Building 1, JSC, during welcoming ceremonies.
    13 ft

    MS 2-shots...Professor Bushuyev and Alex Tatischeff at podium.
    17 ft

    CU Astronaut Vance Brand, Prime Crewman for ASTP mission.
    18 ft

    CU Astronaut Genera Tom Stafford, Prime Crewman for ASTP mission.
    20 ft

    CU Cosmonaut A. A. Leonov, Prime Crewman for ASTP mission.
    24 ft

    CU Cosmonaut V. N. Kubasov, Prime Crewman for ASTP mission.
    27 ft

    WS Sign reading, "Command Module Simulator".
    30 ft

    WS Exterior shot of Command Module Simulator.
    33 ft

    WS Cosmonauts tour Command Module Simulator...L. to R., Astronaut Ron Evans (dark sweater), Cosmonaut Leonov (green jumpsuit), Cosmonaut Kubasov (dark brown jumpsuit) and Astronaut Alan Bean (orange jumpsuit.)
    40 ft

    MCU L. to R...Cosmonaut Kubasov (dark brown jumpsuit), Nina Horner (American interpreter), Cosmonaut Leonov (green jumpsuit), Astronaut Bean (orange jumpsuit).
    43 ft

    WS Classroom scene on ASTP docking procedures.
    45 ft

    CU 2-shot...Astronauts "Deke" Slayton and Tom Stafford at classroom table.
    50 ft

    ECU Astronaut Slayton's face.
    54 ft

    ECU Astronaut Stafford's face.
    57 ft

    WS Classroom scene of ASTP docking procedures.
    60 ft

    CU Cosmonaut Leonov's face.
    64 ft

    CU Profile of Cosmonaut Kubasov's face.
    68 ft

    WS Professor Bushuyev is presented "baseball cap" by members of the JSC communications team as a gesture of "joint team effort between the two countries".
    72 ft

    MWS 2-shot...Glynn Lunney and Professor Bushuyev standing during lecture of the communications ???
    76 ft

    MS Professor bushuyev at Soyuz simulated communications console during conversation with Glynn Lunney (unseen) who was in the Apollo simulated communications console.
    80 ft

    WS Environmental Control Systems Facility located in Building 7A, JSC.
    84 ft

    WS Soviet group enters ECS facility, Bldg. 7A. Astronaut Karol Bobko (far right) escorts group. Cosmonaut Leonov (brown suit), Cosmonaut Kubasov (plaid short-sleeve shirt), Cosmonaut V. F. Bykovskiy (blue short-sleeve shirt), Aleksandr Voronin (blue suit), and Ernest Vaskevich, Soviet Air Force Engineer (suit, with no tie), pass camera.
    91 ft

    MCU Astronaut Karol Bobko gives briefing on facilities.
    94 ft

    CU Cosmonaut Kubasov.
    95 ft

    CU Cosmonaut Leonov.
    98 ft

    WS Soviet group enters ECS chamber...Bobko hold door open for them.
    106 ft

    CU Inside ECS chamber. Group includes: L. to R...Y.S. Dolgopolov (with back to camera), Cosmonaut Kubasov with oxygen mask on face, Instructor Robert Graft, JSC, (back to camera)...Cosmonaut Leonov in background (beyond Kubasov.).
    117 ft

    CU Cosmonaut Kubasov...pan R. to L., Instructor Robert Graft, JSC, Tamara Holmes, American Interpreter...and Cosmonaut Leonov.
    124 ft

    MS Astronaut Karol Bobko...pan R. to L...Cosmonaut Kubasov(plaid shirt) Cosmonaut Leonov (brown stuit), Kubasov, with Robert Graft in background
    129 ft

    MS Group prepares to leave ECS chamber. Cosmonaut Leonov leaves, Astronaut Bobko, Tamara Holmes, Robert Graft, camera holds on Cosmonaut Kubasov.
    137 ft

    MWS Soviets standing on floor looking up at ECS chamber. Cosmonaut Leonov (brown suit) and Cosmonaut Kubasov (plaid shirt) with back to camera.
    142 ft

    WS Classroom scene during Docking Module briefing.
    147 ft

    2-shot.. Astronauts Tom Stafford and Jack Lousma at classroom table... Zoom in to Extreme CU of Jack Lousma.
    154 ft

    WS Classroom scene of Docking Module briefing.
    157 ft

    MS Cosmonaut Leonov in classroom...pan-left, tilt-up to Cosmonaut Kubasov in flowered shirt at table...standing, L. to R. Soviet interpreter K. S. Samofal and Instructor Dan Bland, JSC.
    164 ft

    WS Soviet group inspects Docking Module. Astronaut Jack Lousma (red shirt with back to camera)...pan R. to show module, and group of Soviets at other end of module.
    176 ft

    WS Soviets at Docking Module...Astronaut Jack Lousma (red shirt), Cosmonaut Kubasov (flowered shirt) walks down stairs and comes up stairs at other end of the Docking Module.
    186 ft

    CU Interior shot...Docking Module...L. to R. Instructor Dan Bland, JSC., General Stafford on right, Cosmonaut Leonov back of instructor, and head of Russian Interpreter Samofal in foreground.
    192 ft

    EWS HIGH-ANGLE view of Docking Module area with Soviet group, inspecting module.
    197 ft

    WS Dave Brooks, JSC, explains TV camera to ASTP group, assisted by Russian interpreter Samofal.
    201 ft

    MS 2-shot, Astronauts Slayton and Stafford...pan right to Cosmonauts Leonov and Kubasov, with Ernest Vaskevich, Soviet Air Force Engineer on the end.
    206 ft

    WS Cosmonaut Leonov handles TV camera as Soviets, Astronauts, and TV instructor Dave Brooks (far left) looks on.
    209 ft

    MS Dave Brooks, JSC, assists Cosmonaut Leonov with operation of TV camera.
    213 ft

    MCU Cosmonaut Leonov operates TV camera.
    221 ft

    WS Soviets and Americans at table, eating ASTP "candidate" foods for lunch. Samples of the ASTP food were rated by each of the crewmen, as to whether or not it should be included in each mans personal flight menu.
    227 ft

    MWS Group at lunch table...R. to L...Astronauts Slayton and Evans, Russian interpreter Samofal, and Aleksandr Voronin (reaching for food.)
    230 ft

    CU Slayton drinks orange juice from "spacefood" container...Zoom to WS as he replaces container on table.
    235 ft

    CU Astronaut Lousma squeezes cheese-spread from package onto sandwich...Zoom to WS of continued action...Zoom to MWS of same action.
    244 ft

    2-Shot...Astronaut Vance Brand and Cosmonaut Leonov at table...pan right and Zoom to Extreme CU of Cosmonaut Leonov eating and laughing.
    256 ft

    WS Overall view of Americans/Soviets at lunch table.
    260 ft



    orig of 4130/74

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