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    Tobruk, Libya, Africa: Shot from
    ship of Tobruk LV Tobruk. SV Menzies on to ship deck meets Cunningham (?)
    "piping on" heard. CU Menzies talking to Cunningham. SV Inspecting sailors CU
    past camera with Cunningham. CU Sign "Tobruk". GV Pan pall of smoke over Tobruk.
    LV smoke over buildings. Pan along smoke to shed alight SV shed alight LV Pan
    showing battered oil tank and column of smoke in background. CU pipe lines
    burning. GV Italian cruiser blazing 10,000 ton' San Giorgio! LV 'San Giorgio',
    small craft in foreground. SV small boat afire. Nearer shot. small boat afire.
    CU small boat afire. Pan from column of smoke on sea to fire on shore. CU
    interior flames inside building. CU rabbit on floor. SV pigeons pan up to gutted
    building. SV pony in doorway. GV harbour. SV showing damaged mole. CU damaged
    mole. LV damaged wireless station with leaning wireless mast.

    LV wrecked Italian cruiser 'San Giorgio' CU Damage to cruiser. LV
    damaged cruiser. SV British sailors on deck of cruiser. Pan down damage to A. A.
    gun on deck. SV Naval officer looking at gun pan up gun. STV picking up steel
    helmets. L. shot bridge of cruiser pan down to damage on lower deck. LV pan
    round cruiser.


    GV 2 British sailors on deck of cruiser among ruins. GV 2 British
    sailors inspecting big gun. GV British sailor on damage. TLV 2 sailors among
    ruins. TGV 3 sailors among ruins. GV damage on deck and gun pan down to lower
    deck. GV half submerged cruiser.


    CU prisoner with bandage around head pan to another
    prisoner bandaging leg. 2 shots of prisoners being searched. LV soldiers
    advancing across country with fixed bayonets pan to post with 'Post 5. T.C.P.'
    on it. LV 2 soldiers pick up wounded prisoner (?) and put him on to lorry,
    another wounded man on ground. 2 shots of guns and shells captured. 9 GV's of
    shells exploding in desert. 2 GV's of gun firing with troops around it. 7 shots
    of big gun being loaded and fired. GV mass of troops. SV lorry and gun under
    camouflage net. CU gun under net pan over net. CU boots etc. 2 GV's of
    explosions in distance. STCU pan of prisoners. 2 GV's of explosions SV officer
    gets out of car in desert and goes over to troops, carrying things under his
    arms. 4 shots of troops receiving lesson in desert from officer. GV troops
    walking with rifles. LV towards and past troops walking with rifles. LV towards
    and past troops walking with rifles and some with picks and shovels. SV Corporal
    past camera with full kit on and rifle over shoulder. SV soldiers past camera
    with full kit on and rifle. LV troops towards carrying rifles and picks and
    shovels GBV troops over desert. GV towards pan of troops advancing with fixed
    bayonets. FLV towards prisoners being brought in, soldier in front orders them
    to stop. SV prisoners being searched. GV pan long line of prisoners being
    brought in, soldier in front orders them to stop. SV prisoners being searched.
    GV pan long line of prisoners being brought in. 2 STV's of prisoners coming in.
    SV prisoners towards and past camera. SV soldiers resting pan to more lying down
    pan to more resting by car. 2 SV's of army types having drinks. STV troops with
    telephone. STV 2 soldiers with map (?) on table. GV troops advancing. LSV troops
    advancing. GV pan troops advancing. LV 2 soldiers carrying stretcher. LFV troops
    advancing. GFV line of troops advancing pan to another line. SV barbed wire with
    leaning wireless mast behind and another mast. pan up leaning one.

    ORIG. NEG.

    This is only a brief
    summary of Good Scenes for Roll 1.

    ROLL 2

    3 shots of German prisoners. 2 shots of
    damaged streets. CU notice 'Via Vittoria Veneto' GV pan of wreckage in road. 2
    shots of damaged German helmets. GV of damaged building. 3 shots of refugees. 2
    GV's of Tobruk. 2 shots of troops advancing across country. SCU old military man
    type. 3 shots of soldiers passing through town. 2 landscape shots, 2nd with pall
    of smoke in distance. 2 shots of troops in town. GV pall of smoke coming from
    burning shed. LV smoke from burning shed. 2 shots of damaged deck of ship, one
    with smoke in b-g. SV 2 signs 'Tobruk' and 'Derna' car behind. CU 'Derna' sign
    pan 2 quick shots around sea and road past troops to CU sign 'Pontile Duca
    D'aosta'. GV part of ship above water, building behind. 3 shots of German troops
    carrying their own injured. GV of burning pipe. SV rabbit on ground. GV pan of
    damaged buildings and ruins. LV burning shed. TS 2 men walking along. GV sunken

    GV damaged building pan to pigeons. 4 shots of
    ships in harbour burning and a shot of a shed burning. 2 GV's of smoke over
    buildings. 3 GV's across harbour of smoke over buildings. LV damaged buildings.
    4 shots of masses of prisoners and our troops.


    This is only a brief summary of Good Scenes for
    Roll 2. refer VR 670 (I) Pos section and VR 669 (V) Reel 2 good scenes Roll 2:
    good scenes refer VR 669 (IV) Neg sections & VR 670 (I) Pos section + good
    scenes refer VR 669 (IV) & VR 669 (V) for Neg sections

    Script is copyright Reuters Limited. All rights reserved

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