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    Pathe have rights to clips in Time to Remember programmes but not to commentary or whole programme as screened.

    Reel 2.

    01:07:27 Long shot of naval fleet at anchor off Constantinople (Istanbul). Shots from a boat of Constantinople. Mosques and minarets can be clearly seen. C/U naval gun firing. Explosion on the land close to the sea (voice over says that this is firing on the Dardanelles forts). C/U of gun firing. Explosion on coastline. More firing of guns and explosions. Ships moving.

    01:08:17 Naval cadets in boat race. Windsor Castle can be seen in the background. Crowd on river bank raise their hats and cheer. In the crowd are young boys in Naval Cadets uniform. Large group of army horses watering at a ford.

    01:08:47 Pan across Trafalgar Square, London. The square is crowded with people attending a rally. Unidentified man speaking from stage by the lions at the foot of Nelson's Column. He is gesticulating quite wildly. Low angle shot of column, various banners are hung up. Another older man is speaking from the platform. A reporter is noting what he says. Another man, with a beard, disclaims wildly. Pan across crowd.

    01:09:19 David Lloyd George in crowded railway carriage. He walks out of the railway station.

    01:09:28 Kitchener walks past gates and gets into car. Volunteers for the army queuing up outside building. Recruits in civvies marching. Some wave at the camera. Soldiers holding back crowd of children (and a few women) outside recruiting centre. Soldiers (probably new recruits) walk out of building in uniform. New recruits in uniform gathered in yard.

    01:10:07 Recruits (in civvies) stand by tents in camp. They sit down as food is being served. One young recruit holds up a piece of food to the camera (is it a potato ?). Men working on building a trench. They use pick axes and spades. Different shots of men digging shallow trench. The officers behind them laugh as they watch. More trench digging, pieces of wood for shoring up the sides can be seen. Soldiers building a Nissen Hut. C/U man using hammer. Longer shot of the building of the hut. (Nissen Huts are built with wood and corrugated iron and has a very rounded roof). Officers stand beside hut as men work on it.

    01:11:05 Men practice signalling. One man is waving a flag sending semaphore signals, two other men are using a heliograph to signal using mirrors and the sun. Pan across to show man looking through field telescope. Closer shot of man with telescope and man taking notes.

    01:11:19 Man moves under cover to bring handset of field telephone to a colleague. A small hand periscope pokes up over the top of a thicket fence. The two men with the telephone. The phone is carried back along the shallow trench.

    01:11:40 Soldiers practice crossing barbed wire by covering it with a cloth covered frame. A soldiers tightens wire fence. They are wearing heavy protective gloves. Men sit on piece of cloth over wire and it collapses under them.

    01:11:58 Officer in trench prepares and throws a Mills bomb (an early hand grenade). A catapult type device for firing grenades over longer distances. It is wound back, a grenade is put in and the device is fired.

    01:12:22 Men remove their hats and put on early gas masks (just like a cloth bag really). This is a poison gas drill. C/U man putting on gas mask. The mask has a small clear area for the eyes. The soldier tucks the bottom of the mask into his tunic. Men walk along training trench which is being filled with smoke (to simulate gas).

    01:12:44 Cavalry horse and rider leap over hedge. Simple horse race over jumps. All part of cavalry training. Several of the riders fall off. One of the fallers holds himself in pain. More racing and fallers.

    01:12:59 Sergeant receiving pay from officers seated behind table in camp. He steps back after getting his pay and salutes. Another man does the same. Men passing time in a trench. Several of them light cigarettes or pipes. One shot of group playing cards.

    01:13:26 End of Part titles.

    End of Reel 2 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG. reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

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