Media Professionals Service

For Producers and Researchers in the Film, Television and Creative Industries
Media ProfessionalsRegister free of charge to have the ability to:
Download low-resolution clips for free to use in offline edits, pitches, etc.
Save clips in WorkSpaces for easy viewing and sharing with colleagues.
View the site free of all advertising.
Please note: To access the above features, your account needs to be upgraded by our team. Please email us after you’ve registered with your details.

How does licensing for media professionals work?
Licence fees depend on platform (TV, online, etc), territory (world, single country, etc) and how long you need the licence for. We’ll quote you per minute and second of footage used. Request quote.
You pay for a certain amount up-front (there’ll be a minimum purchase depending on the licence) and then, once your edit is complete, you can tell us if you used any extra.
If you license, for example, 60 seconds of footage, you can make up those 60 seconds from bits and pieces of as many different films as you’d like.
You can receive films in various formats and, depending on the format and the number of items, the turnaround time will usually be between 3 and 24 working hours after payment has been received.

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