Footage Sales

Our footage is available for use both by the public and by professionals. Certain licences are sold online (charged per video), others are sold over the phone or via email (charged per minute and second). We also have some subscription services available.
The following sections outline what services British Pathé has to offer.
License OnlineLicense Clips Online
Certain licences are sold online via our e-licensing system. It’s quicker than licensing via email or over the phone, and it often works out cheaper too!
Media ProfessionalsMedia Professionals Service
For producers and researchers in the film, television and creative industries.
British Pathe EducationEducation Subscriptions
For schools and educational establishments.
British Pathe MuseumsMuseum Subscriptions
Our subscription service for museums in the UK and Ireland. Download films in broadcast quality and display them in your museum.
Members of PublicMembers of Public
If you want films for personal use, these are the options available to you.
DVDsDVD Releases
We have released DVDs on a variety of topics, all containing vintage clips from our archive. You can find a list of them on this page, along with links to them on Amazon.

Do none of these quite match your sector or meet your needs?
Email us or call +44 20 7665 8340.