DVD Releases

These are the various DVDs released by British Pathé which are currently available to buy. We’ve listed them roughly in order of their popularity – but we like them all. If there’s a part of our collection you’d like to see released on DVD, get in touch with us and demand it!

  • ytr_1930s_dvd

    A Year to Remember – The 1930s

    This three-disc set contains a comprehensive programme on each year of the 1930s, offering extraordinary insight into the decade leading up to the Second World War. Witness the Great Depression, Amelia Earhart flying and Malcolm Campbell breaking records. See Fred Perry win Wimbledon. Watch as Edward VIII abdicates in order to marry Wallis Simpson. Follow the rise of Adolf Hitler.

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  • ytr_1940s_dvd

    A Year to Remember – The 1940s

    A series of comprehensive hour-long programmes on each year of the 1940s, the decade that witnessed the horrors of the Second World War and the innovations of the post-war Labour government.

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  • ytr_1950s_dvd

    A Year to Remember – The 1950s

    An extraordinary overview of the 1950s, this set features all the key political, social and cultural events of that decade. Relive everything from the Suez Crisis, the coronation of Elizabeth II and the launch of Sputnik to Bing Crosby playing golf and the last ride on the London tram.

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  • ytr_1960s_dvd

    A Year to Remember – The 1960s

    Using rare news footage and interviews, this fabulous series provides a unique look at what made the news of yesteryear. With an individual programme on each year of the 1960s, this set provides the definitive insight into the decade that “swung” under the shadow of the bomb.

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  • ytr_1970s_dvd

    A Year to Remember – The 1970s

    Relive the 1970s with this popular series that charts the rise of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s entry into the European Common Market, the breakup of the Beatles and the death of Elvis Presley. The set contains an hour-long programme for each year of the decade.

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  • ytr_1980s_dvd

    A Year to Remember – The 1980s

    Using rare news footage and interviews from the BBC, this series provides a unique year-by-year look at what was making the news in that most colourful of decades – the 1980s.

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  • royal_weddings_dvd

    British Royal Weddings of the 20th Century

    Relive all of the major Royal Weddings from 20th-century Britain, seeing them just as cinema and television audiences did at the time in this nostalgic collection of contemporary news coverage.

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  • variety_acts_dvd

    Variety Acts and Turns

    British Pathé has released six collections of performances and variety acts from the 20th century. There’s a set for the early 1930s, the mid-1930s and the late-1930s, as well as a terrific collection covering 1938 and 1939. The post-war set features acts from 1946 to 1949. But perhaps the most interesting is the WW2 collection which features the performers who helped troops and civilians keep smiling through the dark days of war.

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  • ttr_dvd

    Time to Remember

    The TV series Time to Remember was a benchmark in documentary-making. Originally produced in the 1960s, it touched on all aspects of life in the first half of the 20th century using British Pathé’s unique blend of political, social and cultural history. This revised BBC version re-interprets the material thematically in 12 episodes while retaining the enduring charm of the original series and its narration by celebrated actors of the day.

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  • raf_dvd

    Entertaining the Royal Air Force

    A wonderful collection of Royal Air Force “Astra Gazette” newsreels made by British Pathé in the 1950s. They were shown to serving RAF personnel in their very own Astra Cinemas which sat on air bases all over the world.

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  • elizabeth_1950s_dvd

    Queen Elizabeth in the 1950s

    A collection of five British Pathé documentaries celebrating the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The DVD includes colour footage of her 1953 coronation.

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  • air_disasters_dvd

    British Air Disasters, 1920-1973

    The aftermath, physical remains and survivor testimonies of some of the most notorious air crashes, both civilian and military, are covered in this extensive overview of tragedies from the years 1920 to 1973.

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  • keep_calm_dvd

    Keep Calm and Carry On

    A triple-disc digest of original newsreels reporting on war-related activities and events occurring on the British Home Front during the Second World War.

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  • ypres_dvd

    The Battle of Ypres

    This 1925 British Instructional Films documentary, released in its entirety for the first time, re-enacts key moments of the four battles of Ypres in the actual trenches in which they took place.

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  • britain_in_colour_dvd

    Britain in “Colour” in the 1930s

    A collection of remarkable hand-stencilled colourised shorts showcasing Britain in the 1930s as it was seen by those who lived at that time. The DVD includes nearly 50 minutes of bonus newsreels.

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  • heights_dvd

    Heights of Danger

    A continental motor racing adventure in which a big garage profiteer seeks to sabotage a British father and his children’s chances of winning an Alpine motor car rally, the £500 prize money from which would preserve their small and struggling garage business. This 1953 film features Basil Appleby and Freda Bamford – but the real star is the MG TD sports car!

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  • circus_dvd

    The British Circus, 1898-1972

    This DVD is a veritable non-stop celebration of acts from the golden age of the British circus and features the madcap antics of that most famous artist, Coco the Clown.

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  • curse_dvd

    Curse of the Swastika

    This classic documentary from 1940 is a call to arms. It illustrates the insidious rise of the Nazi Party from its origins through to the beginning of the Second World War. Essential viewing.

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  • know_the_british_dvd

    Know the British (in 1974)

    A fabulous documentary made in 1974 in order to educate American businessmen on the peculiar ways, customs, etiquette and traditions of the British.

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  • britain_by_jove_dvd

    Britain by Jove

    Four episodes of the famous comedy travelogue from the 1960s promoting holidays in Britain. Ventriloquist Ray Alan and his companion Lord Charles embark on a whistle-stop tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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  • fab_fashions_dvd

    Fabulous Fashions of the 1940s

    Since its earliest days, cinema has been the world’s shop window for fashion. In that darkened emporium, audiences were introduced to a new world of trends and styles from around the globe. From the ground-breaking glamour now synonymous with the 1940s to the plight of wartime women trying to make the most of their clothing coupons, these British Pathé cinemagazines captured it all.

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  • mirror_to_the_soul_dvd

    Mirror to the Soul

    This is a fascinating journey through our original coverage of life in the West Indies during the years 1920 to 1972. The documentary is packaged with two CDs of Caribbean music and a 72-page book.

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  • churchill_dvd

    Churchill – The Man

    A fascinating collection of four vintage documentaries made by British Pathé between 1954 and 1965 celebrating the life and achievements of Sir Winston Churchill, including the official British Pathé obituary, This Was a Man (1965).

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  • royal_children_dvd

    British Royal Children of the 20th Century

    Relive the formative years of Britain’s most famous 20th-century princes and princesses – including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry – in this comprehensive and nostalgic overview of public appearances by young royals.

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