Our archive contains such a staggering amount of material that it can prove difficult and time-consuming to wade through it all. So in these collections, we have grouped films by theme, location and the personalities involved. Click the links below to explore.
War Collections
Politics & Political Figures
Royal Collections
Country Profiles
Seasonal Collections
British Pathé Programming

War Collections

WW1: The Definitive CollectionWW1 – The Definitive Collection
British Pathé holds one of the finest and most comprehensive WW1 archives in the world. To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, we launched this definitive collection of films from that conflict.
America in World War I
A comprehensive collection selected by British Pathé looking at the key events both before and after America’s entry into the First World War.
IRA_PARADE_260_28_31Ireland: Revolutionary Period, 1916-1924
This selection of key British Pathé newsreels represents some of the finest contemporary reporting on the Irish Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil War.
Russia: Revolution and Civil War
This selection of key British Pathé newsreels represents some of the finest contemporary reporting on the 1917 Russian revolution.
Spanish Civil War
To commemorate the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, British Pathé has launched this definitive collection of films from that conflict.
WW2: Key Events
A comprehensive collection selected by British Pathé of the key events that took place in World War Two.
World War II in France
Footage selected by British Pathé related to France during World War II.
The Holocaust
Holocaust Memorial Day is marked on 27th January every year. This collection of films help to remember the horrors of the Holocaust.
On 6 June 1944, the Allies launched the largest seaborne invasion in history. This collection shows the D-Day preparations, landings and the ensuing invasion of Normandy, plus footage of the key players.
Victory in Europe Day
On 8th May 1945, the world celebrated the end of the Second World War. This film collection shows the revelry and its historical context.
Victory over Japan Day
We present the best newsreels from our collection related to the surrender of Japan and the end of World War Two.
Post-WW2 War Crimes Trials
Footage selected by British Pathé related to post-WW2 war crimes trials in Europe.
The Korean War
The Korean War is often referred to as “The Forgotten War”. Two and a half million people lost their lives in this conflict, including many British soldiers.
The Vietnam War
One of the longest and most brutal wars of the 20th century, and highly controversial. Millions of Vietnamese civilians and soldiers died, as well as thousands of conscripted servicemen from the US and its allies.
The RAF Turns 100
To celebrate 100 years of the RAF on 1st April 2018, we put together this comprehensive collection looking back at the history of the RAF.
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Politics & Political Figures

British General Elections
History provides fascinating insight into – and context for – key issues of a British General Election.
The European Union
Created in the run-up to the 2016 referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, this collection chronicles the early history of that groundbreaking international organisation.
Churchill: A Life on Film
Sir Winston Churchill dominated 20th century politics and in 2002 was named the greatest Briton of all time. During his life, British Pathé’s cameras provided the world with a unique, visual insight into his character.
A curated collection of British Pathé’s material on Hitler.
First Ladies of the United States
Footage selected by British Pathé on the First Ladies of America.
El Presidente, Fidel Castro
See our workspaces marking the life of former Cuban President and revolutionary, Fidel Castro. Castro assumed power in 1959 and remained Cuban leader until stepping aside in 2008 due to ill health.
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Royal Collections

The House of Windsor
George V changed the Royal Family’s surname from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor. This collection looks back at the monarchs from the Windsor dynasty.
European Royals
Footage selected by British Pathé looking at some of the European royal families.
The Queen
Celebrate the Queen’s life from her very early years on with these highlights from our archive which detail her role, her dedication and her family life.
Prince Philip
Celebrate Prince Philip’s decades of service by revisiting these highlights from our archive which detail his role and reveal his remarkable character.
Prince Charles
In celebration of our future king, we have put together this collection of Prince Charles’ early years.
Prince Andrew
This collection looks at the life of Prince Andrew, before his fall from grace.
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Country Profiles

A selection of British Pathé and Reuters reporting on the history and culture of Afghanistan from the 1910s to the Soviet-Afghan War.
We have put together this extensive collection charting the fascinating history of 20th-century Berlin told through vintage newsreels.
To commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday, British Pathé is presenting its archive material related to Canada on a single navigable page for the first time.
Footage selected by British Pathé relating to Cuba.
A look at events that have occurred in Greece during the course of the 20th century.
India and Pakistan: Independence Collection
This selection of key British Pathé newsreels represents some of the finest contemporary reporting on India and Pakistan looking at life under British rule, independence and its aftermath.
Israel and the Palestinian Territories
British Pathé has an extensive collection charting the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Northern Ireland – Troubled History
A comprehensive collection detailing life and events in Northern Ireland from 1900 to the mid-1970s.
We have compiled a selection of the finest twentieth-century reporting on Scotland. The films have been organised by topic and are presented on a single page for the first time.
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The World Cup
Footage selected by British Pathé for the 2018 football/soccer World Cup.
The Euros
Footage selected by British Pathé surrounding European football internationals.
Rugby World Cup
Why not take a look through our archive of classic international rugby matches? Unfortunately not all participating nations feature in the archive.
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Seasonal Collections

XMAS_FOR_ALL_1963_3098_08_79‘Tis the Season! Christmas Collection
To celebrate the season that cheers us, we have collected together our favourite Christmas-related films from the archive.
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British Pathé Programming

Dave and Dusty
Dave and Dusty is a delightful series of short films chronicling the friendship between a boy and his dog. Watch as they get into trouble and have various adventures, meeting a host of colourful characters along the way.
Feminine Pictorialities
British Pathé’s classic “special selection for the ladies” from the 1930s covers bathing and hat fashions, hairstyles, and women’s sport.
Film Fanfare
British Pathé’s charming 1950s film magazine features glamorous premieres, interviews, quizzes, and reviews of what are now classic motion pictures. Originally shown on television.
Jerry the Troublesome Tyke
A classic animated series from the silent era, addictive due to its immense charm and wealth of humour.
News in a Nutshell
Viewing these episodes together allows the 1930s to be explored in extraordinary detail from the perspective of those who were living through it, unclouded by hindsight and dim memories.
Review of the Year
From 1922 to 1969, British Pathé produced lengthy round-ups of the year’s news stories that collected together the most dramatic images and covered the most important events.
Secrets of Nature
An educational series concerning fascinating worlds which we rarely get to see. It covers the amazing life-cycles of plants, via some stunning microscope photography, as well as the lives of many species of animals, birds, and insects.
Time to Remember
A classic TV series produced in the 1950s and 1960s using British Pathé’s unique blend of political, social, and cultural history. The series is narrated by celebrated actors, including Sir Michael Redgrave and Sir Ralph Richardson.
Travel the world through this collection of marvellous colour travelogues, from the ancient cities of Jerusalem, Rome, and Thebes, to the culturally rich capitals of Paris and Moscow, to the childish delights of Disneyland in sunny California.
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