2. You've got egg on your neck

2. You've got egg on your neck

Take a sharp knife and cut vertical slices into a hard-boiled egg, then simply re-arrange to make into a swan. The only problem is, you can't really create an elegant S-shaped swan's neck out of egg matter so follow Fanny Cradock's lead here and use some pipe cleaners.

What do you mean you don't have pipe cleaners? Well how on earth do you clean your pipe? Honestly.

Tip: Use a blue plate and some finely chopped coriander to create the illusion of a very small pond riddled with weeds. Clever huh? Don't thank us - thank Fanny.

WARNING: Please be careful when using knives and other culinary appliances. If you are unsure of your fine cutting ability then please refrain from attempting to recreate the masterpieces in this gallery. Under 18s should ask a responsible and skilled adult to carry out any cutting.

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