British Pathé is a commercial licensing company and not a public institution. We receive no public funding and we're not able to provide footage or stills free of charge.

British Pathé retains the copyright to its entire collection, none of which is in the public domain.

That means you will need to pay a licence fee in order to make use of material in the archive in any commercial or non-commercial projects. If you want to display footage publicly, broadcast it, distribute it, sell it, place it online, use it in lessons or presentations, or anything else, you will require a licence.

This requirement applies irrespective of whether we supply the material to you ourselves or you have obtained it from another source.

British Pathé also represents other archives which are themselves covered by copyright, and licence fees will need to be paid to access and make use of this material also.

There are cases when clearing Third Party Rights in supplied material may be necessary. It is the responsibility of licensees to identify and clear any Third Party Rights as required for their project.

British Pathé operates under UK copyright law, which is respected by international agreements.

All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. Use of footage from this site requires a licence.

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