The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, Concorde’s Atlantic Flight and More

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Archive PickThe Meuse-Argonne Offensive
The 26 September marks the 100th Anniversary of the Meuse-Argonne offensive during World War One. It was the largest offensive in American military history. Watch this film of American troops attacking the Kriemhilde Line.
Archive PickConcorde’s Atlantic Flight
The 26 September also marks the 45th Anniversary of Concorde’s first non-stop Atlantic flight. It flew from Paris to Washington DC in 3 hours and 32 minutes, travelling at an average speed of 954 mph. Take a look at films of the aircraft in America here.
Archive PickFirst Televised Presidential Debate
On 26 September 1960, the first televised debate between American presidential candidates took place between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Watch footage of the debates in this archive collection.
Archive PickEinstein’s E=MC²
On 27 September 1905, Albert Einstein published his paper containing the famous equation E=MC². The equation showed that anything having mass contains an equivalent amount of energy. Take a look back at Einstein’s life with these films.
Archive PickFleming Discovers Penicillin
The 28 September marks the 90th Anniversary of the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming. The antibiotic drug changed the course of medicine, saving countless lives from the effects of illnesses that previously would have been fatal.
Archive PickHoratio Nelson’s Birthday
The 29 September marks the 260th Anniversary of the birth of Horatio Nelson. Take a look back at how he has been remembered with this archive collection.
Archive PickThe Munich Agreement
The 30 September marks the 80th Anniversary of the signing of the Munich Agreement. Stating that it was ‘peace for our time’, Neville Chamberlain and the British government hoped that accepting the German annexation of the Sudentenland would prevent war.
Archive PickThurgood Marshall Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court
On 2 October 1967 Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the US Supreme Court. He was the first African-American Justice. Take a look back at his life with this archive collection.
Archive PickOperation Hurricane
On 3 October 1952, the first UK atomic device was successfully tested during Operation Hurricane. Britain became the third power to possess the technology behind ‘the bomb’ after America and the Soviet Union.
Archive PickThe Yom Kippur War
The 6 October marks the 45th Anniversary of the beginning of the Yom Kippur War. Egyptian and Syrian forces launched a surprise attack on Israeli positions within the Israeli-occupied territories. Take a look back at the conflict here.
Archive PickStevenson’s ‘Rocket’ Wins the Rainhill Trials
On 8 October 1829, Robert Stevenson’s steam engine ‘Rocket’ won the Rainhill Trials. Stevenson received the contract to produce engines for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first railway in the world to use steam power exclusively.

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