The Battle of Kursk, London’s Last Tram and more

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Archive PickThe Civil Rights Act is Signed
2 July marks the 45th Anniversary of President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act. It outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, or national origin.
Archive PickThe Fastest Steam Train
On 3 July 1938, the A4 Class locomotive “Mallard” broke the land speed record for a steam engine, travelling at 125.88mph. These films look back at the famous locomotive.
Archive Pick‘Lafayette, We Are Here!’
On 4 July 1917, Charles E. Stanton declared “Lafayette, we are here!” as American troops marched through Paris to the tomb of the
Marquis of Lafayette, a hero of the Revolutionary War. It was the first public display of American troops during WW1.
Archive PickThe Battle of Kursk
On 5 July 1943, the Battle of Kursk began. It was one of the biggest tank battles in history, and a turning point during WW2. It was the final strategic offensive that the Germans were able to launch on the Eastern front.
Archive PickThe NHS Is Founded
On 5 July 1948, the National Health Service was founded in Britain, after the recommendations of the 1942 Beveridge Report. This collection of newsreels show how it was introduced to the public.
Archive PickFirst Clash In Korea
On 5 July 1950, the Battle of Osan began, the first clash of American and North Korean troops during the Korean War. North Korean forces overwhelmed the Americans, winning a victory, and indicating the deficiencies of outdated American equipment.
Archive PickThe First Daily BBC News Broadcast
5 July also marks the 65th Anniversary of the first daily BBC News broadcast on TV. These films look back at the BBC’s long and varied broadcasting history, on TV and radio.
Archive PickLondon’s Last Tram
On 6 July 1952, London’s last tram made its final journey, terminating at the depot in New Cross. Seen as too noisy and dangerous to other road users, they were replaced with buses. The tram’s journey was extended by almost 3 hours by crowds of cheering Londoners who surrounded it along its route.
Archive PickThe Depths of Depression
On 8 July 1932, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 41.22, its lowest level, during the Great Depression. These films look back at the historical economic crisis, and its impact on both the USA and the rest of the world.
Archive PickThe Battle of Britain Begins
On 10 July 1940, the Battle of Britain began. It was the first major military campaign to be fought entirely with air forces, with Germany attempting disable Britain’s air defenses and force them to sign a negotiated peace, under threat of invasion.
Archive PickBabe Ruth Makes His Debut
11 July marks the 105th Anniversary of Babe Ruth’s debut in Major League Baseball. Take a look back at the “Sultan of Swat” and his legendary career in this archive collection.
Archive PickSkylab Falls to Earth
11 July also marks the 40th Anniversary of Skylab falling back to Earth. It was the first space station launched and operated by NASA. These films look back on the station and the many missions and experiments astronauts undertook there.

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