Reasons We Love Marlon Brando

By Elizabeth Bowley.
The new documentary Listen to Me Marlon is released in the UK in the next few weeks! So to celebrate the release of the film, we thought why not list all the reasons that we love Marlon Brando?

First off, he was quite a dish in his day! Anyone who’s seen his opening scene in A Streetcar Named Desire will know what we’re talking about! His good looks and ability to mesmerise audiences quickly earned him his place as one of Hollywood’s greatest sex symbols.


Oh and of course he was a brilliant actor! His legendary screen presence has captivated us all, with entrancing performances in films such as On the Waterfront and Apocalypse Now. He was nominated a whopping 7 times for Best Actor at the Academy Awards, winning 2 of them.


He cared about important things and was one of the first actor-activists. He famously rejected the Academy Award he won for The Godfather in 1973, citing Hollywood’s mistreatment of Native Americans.


He was a real “bad boy!” In films such as The Wild One, he just exuded cool. Los Angeles magazine described Brando as being “rock and roll before anybody knew what rock and roll was”. He certainly got up to quite a few antics in his day. On the set of The Godfather he asked fellow cast member James Caan what he wished for. Caan said to be in love and Brando replied, “Me too. But don’t tell my wife.” He had numerous high profile affairs with famous stars, including Rita Moreno, Jackie Collins and Marilyn Monroe!


Marlon Brando’s popularity has endured for over 6 decades. Generations have been electrified by Marlon Brando’s work, propelling him to his iconic status today. He has inspired many actors, showing the world the power of method acting. Robert Duvall described him as “a godfather to many young actors” and Russell Crowe even wrote a song called I want to be like Marlon Brando. As Martin Scorsese says, “he is the marker, there is ‘before Brando’ and ‘after Brando,'” showing just how profound his impact has been in cinematic history.

We love you, Marlon!