Monkeys in Space, Diane Leather, Madaraka Day, Ayatollah Khomeini, and more

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Archive PickThe Manchester Ship Canal Opens
21 May marks 125 years since the official opening of the Manchester Ship Canal, by Queen Victoria. 36 miles in length, it links Manchester to the Irish Sea. It also features the Barton Swing Aqueduct, the only swing aqueduct in the world.
Archive PickThe Canadian National War Memorial is Unveiled
On 21 May, it is 80 years since the unveiling of the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottowa by King George VI. Take a look at the memorial and visits to it from dignitaries from around the globe.
Archive PickQueen Victoria Born
24 May marks the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria. These exceptional, rare, early films capture the end of her reign and funeral, when film and filmmaking was in its infancy.
Archive PickApollo 10 Returns to Earth
26 May is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 10 mission returning safely to Earth. It was considered as a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11. It tested a lot of the components which made that later landing a success.
Archive PickMonkeys in Space
On 28 May, it is the 60th Anniversary of the launch of the Jupiter AM-18 rocket, which carried Miss Able and Miss Baker, two female monkeys, into space. Both became the first living creatures to survive a spaceflight, which lasted 16 minutes and included 9 minutes of weightlessness.
Archive PickThe “Bonus Army”
On 29 May 1932, protesters of the “Bonus Army” arrived in Washington D.C. Veterans of WW1, the protesters demanded that cash bonuses, promised to them in 1945, ought to be paid sooner, given that most had been out of work because of the Great Depression.
Archive PickDiane Leather’s 4 Minute Mile
29 May also marks 65 years since Diane Leather became the first woman to run a mile in under five minutes. Her time was 4 minutes and 59.6 seconds. Take a look back at her life and career.
Archive PickBig Ben Becomes Operational
31 May marks the 160th year of Big Ben being operational. The famous bell has since fallen silent for repairs, scheduled for completion in 2021, however you can look back and hear it chime in this collection.
Archive PickMadaraka Day
1 June marks the 55th Anniversary of Kenya becoming a self-governing Republic, independent from Great Britain. “Madaraka” is a Swahili word for “freedom, independence”. Jomo Kenyatta served as the country’s first prime minister, and then president.
Archive PickThe Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
On 2 June 1953, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was held. It was the first British coronation to be televised live, and was also shot in colour. Millions tuned in to watch it, with the number of TV licences in the country rising dramatically.
Archive PickAyatollah Khomeini Dies
3 June marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini founded the Islamic Republic of Iran after leading the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which saw the overthrow of the last Shah of Iran and the end of 2,500 years of Persian monarchy.

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