Kristallnacht, October Revolution, Armistice Day, and more

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Archive PickPytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky Dies
The 6 November marks the 125th Anniversary of the death of Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the famous composer. Listen to his music and see films related to his life and works with this archive collection.
Archive PickThe October Revolution
On 7 November 1917, the October Revolution occurred in Russia, with members of the Bolshevik Party participating in a military occupation of government buildings. On the 8 November 1917, the Winter Palace, which had been the official residence of the Russian monarchy since 1732, was captured.
Archive PickEdward Brooke Elected Senator
On 8 November 1966, Edward Brooke became the first African-American to be elected to the U.S. Senate, representing Massachusetts between 1967-1979. He was also the first Senate Republican to call for the resignation of President Nixon during the Watergate Scandal.
Archive PickKristallnacht
The 9 November marks the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany, a pogrom enacted by the Nazi SA. 91 Jews were murdered during the attacks, and 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps.
Archive PickKaiser Wilhelm II’s Abdication Announced
The 9 November also marks the 100th Anniversary of the announcement of the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany, with the country becoming a de facto Republic. On 10 November he fled into exile in the Netherlands. 
Archive PickThe Fall of the Berlin Wall
On 9 November 1989, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), announced that citizens of East Germany were allowed to visit West Germany and West Berlin, with people crossing the Berlin Wall and celebrating. The “fall of the Berlin Wall” paved the way for German Reunification on 3 October 1990.
Archive PickHirohito Enthroned
The 10 November marks the 90th Anniversary of the enthronement of Hirohito as the Emperor of Japan. He reigned until his death on 7 January 1989, and led Japan through World War Two and the country’s postwar reconstruction.
Archive PickArmistice Day
The 11 November marks the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice at Compiègne, which signalled the end of hostilities during World War One. Armistice Day has been commemorated on the same day in many countries since, with respects and tributes being paid to the fallen.
Archive PickEllis Island Ceases Operations
On 12 November 1954, Ellis Island ceased operations as an Immigrant Inspection Station in New York Harbour. It had been operational since 1 January 1892, and during the period had been a gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the U.S.A.
Archive PickConstantinople Occupied
The 13 November marks the 100th Anniversary of the Allied occupation of Constantinople during World War One. The occupation lasted until 4 October 1923.
Archive PickPrince Charles Born
The 14 November marks the 70th Birthday of Prince Charles. British Pathé wish the Prince many happy returns! Take a look back at his life with this archive collection. 
Archive Pick‘Steamboat Willie’ Released
The 18 November marks the 90th Anniversary of the release of ‘Steamboat Willie’ by Disney. The cartoon was the first to feature fully-synchronised sound, with audio matching the actions of characters and images onscreen.

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