Eiffel Tower Opens, Hitler Imprisoned, and more

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.


Archive PickThe Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

The 26 March marks the 40th Anniversary of the signing of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. It normalized relations between the two countries, with Egypt becoming the first Arab state to officially recognize Israel.


Archive PickThe U.K. Driving Test Introduced

The 26 March also marks the 85th Anniversary of the introduction of the U.K. Driving Test, under the Road Traffic Act 1934. The test was initially voluntary until the 1 June 1935, when it was made compulsory.


Archive PickWhite Hart Lane

With White Hart Lane Stadium re-opening its doors on the 29 March after a £1 Billion redevelopment, take a look at these films showing Spurs’ old home, including coverage of a pre-war England vs. Germany match.

Archive PickThe Dalai Lama Escapes to India

The 31 March marks the 60th Anniversary of the Dalai Lama crossing into India, after a 15-day trek across the Himalayan mountains. He had fled his official residence in Lhansa during the suppression of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising.


Archive PickThe Eiffel Tower Opens

The 31 March marks the 130th Anniversary of the opening of the Eiffel Tower. The 324 m tower stands over Paris as the city’s largest structure, and it was the tallest structure in the world until the Chrysler Building in New York was completed in 1930.


Archive PickHitler Sentenced to Imprisonment

The 1 April marks the 95th Anniversary of Adolf Hitler being sentenced to five years imprisonment in Landsberg Prison for the failed ‘Beer Hall Putsch’. During his time in prison, he wrote Mein Kampf, which outlined his political ideology.


Archive PickThe Spanish Civil War Ends

The 1 April also marks the 80th Anniversary of the conclusion of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). By  31 March 1939, Nationalist forces controlled all Spanish territory. Republican forces surrendered on 1 April 1939.


Archive PickThe Formation of NATO

The 4 April marks the 70th Anniversary of the formation of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty. It originally contained 12 countries, though has since expanded to contain 29.


Archive PickThe Grand National

The Grand National will take place this year on the 6 April. It will be the 172nd Grand National. Take a look back at previous historic races in this archive collection. Do you have a favourite?


Archive PickThe Boat Race

The Oxford v. Cambridge University Boat Race will be held this year on 7 April. It was first held in 1829, and has been held annually since 1856, except during the First and Second World Wars. Cambridge have won 83 times, Oxford 80.


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