Dora and Harry Wynder

Dora and Harry Wynder
British Pathé would like to pay tribute to two of its former employees, Dora and Harry, both of whom made a real impact during their time here.
Harry Wynder was head of the film library at British Pathé for many years, from the Second World War until his retirement in the early 1980s. In this position, he cared for a collection of unique historical and cultural significance. Its survival is something for which the company today is truly grateful, and for which future generations will also, surely, be thankful.
In addition, Harry worked on some of our greatest projects, including the epic television documentary series Time To Remember, still in circulation on VOD channels and on DVD decades after its original release.
Harry actually appears in two films himself. In one, he is interviewed by Chris Kelly for an episode of Clapperboard in 1973. Another, which you can view below, peeks behind-the-scenes at the company in 1978 and looks back at some highlights from the library.

British Pathé played a big part in Harry’s life in other ways. It was while working here in the Wardour Street office that he met Dora, a member of our team from around 1939 until 1945. Dora and Harry really did adore each other and would be married for 54 years.
They were both very proud to have worked at British Pathé and they made lifelong friends with their colleagues.
Harry died in 1994. Dora would pass away on 12 April 2018 at the grand old age of 98.
All of us at British Pathé – Alastair, James, John, Louis, Richard, Ruth and Simon – thank Dora and Harry for their years of dedicated service at the company. We would not be where we are today without their efforts.

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