Battle of Stalingrad, Pakistan & India Independence and more

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Archive PickPirate Radio Outlawed
On 14 August 1967, the Marine Broadcasting (Offences) Act was enforced in the UK, outlawing ‘pirate’ and offshore radio stations. Take a look back at one of the most famous broadcasters, Radio Caroline, here.

Archive PickPakistan Gains Independence
On 14 August 1947, Pakistan gained independence from Britain, becoming a sovereign nation. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the country’s first leader.
Archive PickIndia Gains Independence
India gained independence from Britain on 15 August 1947. Some parts of the country had been under British administration, control or influence for 190 years. 
Archive PickVJ Day
On 15 August 1945, Japan’s surrender was announced, and Allied nations celebrated VJ Day (Victory Over Japan Day). Japan signed a peace treaty on 2nd September, 1945, which officially ended WW2.
Archive PickT. E. Lawrence’s Birthday
T. E. Lawrence (‘of Arabia’) would have celebrated his birthday on 16 August. This year it is the 130th Anniversary of his birth. Take a look back at his life with this archive collection.
Archive PickKorea Divided
Following the surrender of Japan at the end of WW2, on 17 August 1945, Korea was divided. The USSR occupied the North, and America occupied the South.
Archive Pick‘The Hardest Day’
The 18 August 1940 is recognised as ‘The Hardest Day’ during the Battle of Britain, with the Luftwaffe and RAF losing more aircraft combined on this day than any other during the campaign.
Archive PickPrague Spring Suppressed
On 20 August 1968, Soviet forces invaded Czechoslovakia, in order to suppress the ‘Prague Spring’. Take a look back at the spring with this archive collection.
Archive PickHawaii Becomes the 50th State
On 21 August 1959, Hawaii joined the United States of America as the 50th state in the Union. Take a look back at the region’s history here.
Archive PickThe Battle of Stalingrad
On 23 August 1942, the Battle of Stalingrad began. It would be the first major setback the German army suffered, and a definitive turning point of WW2.
Archive Pick‘Confrontation Day’ at HUAC
25 August marks the 70th Anniversary of’Confrontation Day’ at the House Un-American Affairs Committee in 1940. Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers faced eachother over allegations that they had both spied on America for the Soviet Union.

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