Archive Picks – 26 September to 9 October 2017

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

2018 Conflict Anniversaries
Our first in a series of anniversary videos. This video takes a look at upcoming conflict anniversaries of 2018 from World War One to the Cold War. Check it out here.
Bali Fears Volcano Eruption
After unprecedented seismic activity there are fears an eruption from Mount Agung could be imminent. This clip shows the volcano erupt in 1963.
John Cobb
The racing driver died whilst attempting to break the water speed record 65 years ago on 29 September. Have a look at footage of John Cobb here.
James Meredith Enters University of Mississippi
Defying segregation 55 years ago on 1 October. These films document the events.
Germany Conducts First Successful V2 Rocket Test
75 years ago on 3 October. The following videos from the archive show a history of the V2 rocket.
Iraq Gains Independence
3 October will mark 85 years since Iraq became independent from the UK. Look back at footage of Iraq with these archive films.
A space milestone was achieved on 4 October, 60 years ago when Sputnik was launched. These newsreels report on Sputnik.
Mount Rushmore
Work began on Mount Rushmore 90 years ago on 4 October. Watch the building of the famous landmark here.
James Bond
5 October marks 55 years since Dr. No the first James Bond film was released in the UK. This collection relates to the gadgets and stars of Bond.
The Beatles Release First Single
Their debut single Love Me Do was released 55 years ago on 5 October. Check out our Beatles footage here.
Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash
The crash which saw 112 people killed took place 65 years ago on 8 October. This video reports on the disaster.
Uganda Becomes Independent
9 October will mark 55 years since Uganda parted ways with the UK. Watch these clips of their independence celebrations here.

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