Archive Picks – 24 October to 7 November 2017

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

2018 Sport and Culture Anniversaries
The next in our 2018 anniversaries video series, focusing on sport and culture. Featuring events such as Elvis joining the army and Man United’s first European cup win.
Croydon Train Crash
70 years ago on 24 October two commuter trains collided in Croydon killing 32 people. The following film reports on the disaster.
US Loses the Hornet
On 26 October, 75 years ago the US carrier the Hornet is abandoned after being badly damaged by Japanese planes. This newsreel documents the event.
Cuban Missile Crisis Ends
28 October will mark 55 years since the crisis drew to a close. All our clips on the Cuban Missile Crisis can be viewed here.
Mexico Grand Prix
The Mexican Grand Prix will commence this year on 29 October. Check out these clips looking back at the race in the 1960s.
Mussolini Invited to Form a New Italian Government
95 years ago on 30 October, following his March on Rome, which this newsreel reports on.
Spruce Goose Flies
Howard Hughes’ Hercules aka the Spruce Goose is the largest flying boat ever built and it flew for the first time 70 years ago on 2 November. See the Hercules for yourself with these clips.
Operation Supercharge
Took place 75 years ago on 2 November. The operation saw General Montgomery break through Rommel’s defensive line at El Alamein. Here is our El Alamein collection.
Balfour Declaration
Was issued 100 years ago on 2 November. The letter is thought to have contributed to the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Videos looking at the history of the conflict can be viewed here.
Soviets Launch Dog into Space
60 years ago on 3 November, the Soviets launched the first ever living creature into outer space. Take a look at Soviet dog launches into space with these clips.
Woodrow Wilson Elected as President
5 November will mark 105 years since his election win. Watch early film footage of the American President here.
Bonfire Night
Guy Fawkes Night will soon be upon us on 5 November. So why not have a look at some old-school bonfire night celebrations from the archive.
Canadians Take Passchendaele
100 years ago on 6 November during the third battle of Ypres. The following videos are taken from our Ypres collection.
UN Condemns Apartheid
55 years ago on 6 November. This collection illustrates Apartheid in South Africa.
Bolsheviks Revolt in Russia
Also known as the October Revolution, which began 100 years ago on 7 November. Take a look at our archive material on the Russian Revolution.

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