Archive Picks – 13 to 26 March 2018

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

Russian Spy Attack
Russia has until midnight tonight to explain the attempted murders in Salisbury last weekend. Look back at Cold War espionage and Russian spies including the Krogers and Rudolf Abel here.
HMS Thunderbolt Sinks
For the second time 75 years ago on 14 March. The submarine first sank in 1939 when it was known as the HMS Thetis. It was then salvaged and recommissioned as the HMS Thunderbolt.
Prince Albert of Monaco
Albert II will be celebrating his 60th birthday on 14 March. Pathé has footage of Monaco’s prince in his early years.
Tito Visits London
This historic visit from the then-President of Yugoslavia took place 65 years ago on 16 March. You can watch his visit here.
Anti-Vietnam Demonstration Ends in Violence
The protest which took place at the US Embassy in London occurred 50 years ago on 17 March. This newsreel documents the event.
St. Patrick’s Day
Is on 17 March. Check out some vintage St. Patrick’s Day celebrations here.
Rudolf Nureyev
Was born 80 years ago on 17 March. Watch our footage of Nureyev performing with Margot Fonteyn in 1964.
HMS Belfast Launched
17 March will mark 80 years since the launch. Now a staple landmark of the Thames, enjoy our collection on HMS Belfast.
Second Battle of the Somme Begins
100 years ago on 21 March. Our films on the Somme can be viewed here.
Alcatraz Prison Closed
The notorious prison in San Francisco closed for good 55 years ago on 21 March. Our footage on Alcatraz covers gun battles, escapes and the closing itself.
The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race
Oars at the ready! The historic boat race will be taking place on 24 March. We have footage of the boat race from as early as 1914! Check it out here.
Elvis Inducted into US Army
24 March will mark 60 years since his induction. The following newsreel shows Elvis being sent off to Germany.
Queen Mary Dies
65 years ago on 24 March. Grandmother of the Queen, this film is an obituary piece put together after her death.
Australian Grand Prix
Will be on 25 March. It will be 80 years since the Australian Grand Prix was first held. Enjoy footage of some previous ones from the 1960s.
Sugar Ray Defeats Basilio
For the middleweight title 60 years ago on 25 March. This newsreel shows Basilio in training for the fight.
Polio Vaccination Announced
On 26 March, 65 years ago Dr. Jonas Salk announced he had successfully tested a vaccine against polio. Look back at Dr. Salk’s achievement.

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