Archive Picks – 10 to 23 October 2017

Here’s our regularly-updated selection of films that may be of use to news editors and journalists in covering important anniversaries, contextualising current events or illustrating trending topics.

2018 Political Anniversaries
The next in our series of videos looking at the anniversaries of 2018, this time focussing on politics. From student riots to Nixon’s election win, watch the film here.
Catalonia’s drive for independence in the 20th-century can be traced back to the Spanish Civil War. Here are films from that conflict.
Cuban Missile Crisis
14 October marks 55 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis began. Look back at the crisis with these newsreels.
Serbia and Greece Declare War on the Ottoman Empire
In the first Balkan War 105 years ago on 17 October. This early film shows the events.
BBC Formed
18 October will mark their 95th anniversary. Watch some of our newsreels of the BBC here.
Investigations Begin into Communism in Hollywood
The Congressional Committee began investigating the case 70 years ago on 20 October. Here are films from the inquiry.
Death of Stalin
Hits our screens on 20 October. The film depicts the chaos of the regime following Stalin’s death. These clips report on his death in 1953.
Dizzy Gillespie
Was born 100 years ago on 21 October. The following video shows him performing at a Jazz festival in Berlin in 1968.
100,000 March on Washington
In protest against the Vietnam War 50 years ago on 21 October. This newsreel reports on the event.
Joan Fontaine
22 October commemorates 100 years since the birth of the famous actress. Take a look at some clips of her from the archive.
Second Battle of El Alamein
The decisive Second World War battle began 75 years ago on 23 October. Here is our footage regarding El Alamein.

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