Key Stage 1 and 2: Design and Technology, Invention; Gadgets and Gizmos; A look at innovative and extraordinary inventions, from the bicycle to the television; Useful in viewing the process trial and error before reaching a desired model of invention; Questions: Why is continuous invention important to keep society moving forward and improving?

Birth Of The Bike

Birth Of The Bike (1937)

A look at the history of the bicycle, from earliest models through to the most modern design.

A Million Volts

A Million Volts (1931)

Machinery in an electricity generating centre.

Food Fair For Ad 2000 AKA Food Fare

Food Fair For Ad 2000 AKA Food Fare (1968)

Story predicting methods of food preparation in the year 2000.


Inventor (1950)

Benjamin Thomas shows his inventions including toothpaste squeezer and pipe lighter.

Emett's Ideal Home

Emett's Ideal Home (1957)

Comic strip style inventor presents totally insane construction - automatic home. Excellent!

Phone In Your Car

Phone In Your Car (1959)

Car phones used by business men in Lancashire.

"Drain" Gets New Look (1960)

A travolator carries passengers through Bank underground station. London.

Uncle Sam's Television

Uncle Sam's Television (1940)

Interesting item shows the development of television in the United States of America.

Time Please

Time Please (1937)

A look at various unusual clocks through the ages.

The First Hundred Years!

The First Hundred Years! (1939)

Interesting item charting the progress of photography on the 105th birthday of the camera.

Crazy Inventions AKA Large Lumps

Crazy Inventions AKA Large Lumps (1940)

Bizarre item about strange impractical inventions.