Folk and Traditional Dance

Geography: Around the World; Festival; Society; History; Celebrations; Films contain footage of various folk and traditional dances of a number of ethnic groups: Could be useful in demonstrating the prevalence of inherited tradition over innovation and customs of different cultures and countries. Questions: How does folk dancing differ in significance from ritualistic or ceremonial dances? What purpose do they serve their for their locale of origin?

Czech Culture In Russia

Czech Culture In Russia (1968)

Display of Czechoslovakian traditional dancing and singing.

Basic Movement

Basic Movement (1946)

A new form of exercise introduced - Basic Movement.

Greek Dancers

Greek Dancers (1962)

An item showing men and women on the Greek island of Corfu as they perform a traditional dance.

Old English Fair

Old English Fair (1930)

People parade in old-fashioned costumes and show us folk dancing - all in the Kentish rain.

Bulgarian Dancers

Bulgarian Dancers (1955)

A troupe of dancers perform some traditional Bulgarian folk dances in the park.

Children Perform British Folk Dances

Children Perform British Folk Dances (1917)

Footage of children folk dancing.

Dance Compilation

Dance Compilation (1940)

Lots of bits and pieces of dance footage - mostly 1940s and 1950s.

"... And They Sang As They Danced Along" (1933)

The ancient Furry Dance takes place in the Cornish town of Helston.

A Woodland Theatre

A Woodland Theatre (1932)

Folk dancing at an open air theatre in woodland in Colorado.

Folkloric Dance Festival - Hamburg

Folkloric Dance Festival - Hamburg (1963)

Performances of folk dances by different nationalities.

Women's PT AKA Women's Physical Exercise Issue Title - This Way Please

Women's PT AKA Women's Physical Exercise Issue Title - This Way Please (1937)

Young women of the 'Dancing to Fitness League' performing their exercises for the camera.