Science Week 2012

3,000,000 Volts!

3,000,000 Volts! (1939)

Lightning of 3,000,000 volts is demonstrated at a laboratory in Pennsylvania.

Energy Issue Title Up And Over

Energy Issue Title Up And Over (1942)

Surreal item examines numerous different forms of energy.


Diamonds (1941)

A look at diamonds and other precious and semiprecious stones.

Acoustic Chamber

Acoustic Chamber (1962)

A look inside an acoustic chamber where electrical sound equipment is tested.

Broadcasting Heart Beats!

Broadcasting Heart Beats! (1932)

Experiments are made to broadcast the sound of heartbeats and of a boy eating chocolate cake!


Buoyancy (1942)

Diagrams illustrate how items stay buoyant.


Gravity (1939)

A series of diagrams and film clips explain the principles of gravity.

Attraction Magnets

Attraction Magnets (1941)

A look at how magnets work.

Deciphering Of The Human Genome

Deciphering Of The Human Genome (2000)

Modern Telephone

Modern Telephone (1959)

Short film about invention of answering machine - watch it to see how huge they were in the 50's.

Radio Pill

Radio Pill (1961)

This new device transmits information about abdominal ailments from the patient's stomach.


Transistors (1958)

Film reminds us that transistor revolution of the 50's was as big as the microchip revolution of the 80's.

Gentle Giant AKA Robot

Gentle Giant AKA Robot (1958)

A demonstration of a new robot which can do many things including sing and dance.

Pendulum To Atom Clocks

Pendulum To Atom Clocks (1959)

An item on clocks and watches also visits the atomic clock at the National Physical Laboratory.