Power of Nature

A tiny selection of the wealth of material in the archive for natural disasters (such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, landslides, earthquakes). Particularly good is footage of volcanic eruptions (in colour), Avalanche, and Tornado In America. Includes the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

Hurricane Brings Flood & Famine

Hurricane Brings Flood & Famine (1955)

Hurricane 'Janet' brings flood, death and famine to Tampico, Mexico.



Varied (mute) documentary about volcanoes - lots of good volcanic explosions.

Volcano Erupts Again

Volcano Erupts Again (1960)

A volcano erupts on Hawaii causing destruction to surrounding land.

Ocean Eruption

Ocean Eruption (1957)

Volcano erupts in Atlantic Ocean.

Volcanic Island

Volcanic Island (1946)

Underwater volcano in Pacific causes island of rock to rise out of sea.

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius (1928)

Mount Vesuvius erupts - good shots of the volcano smoking and pouring out larva.


Krakatoa! (1933)

Good footage of the 'new' Krakatoa volcano erupting from the Straits of Sunda.

Vesuvius Erupting

Vesuvius Erupting

Shots of Mount Vesuvius erupting.

Mount Etna Disaster - Sicily

Mount Etna Disaster - Sicily (1923)

100,000 people are left homeless when Mount Etna erupts in Sicily.

Eruption, Earthquake And Flood

Eruption, Earthquake And Flood (1926)

A look at after effects of eruption of Mount Tokachi in Japan.


Avalanche (1935)

Good footage of an avalanche in progress.

Avalanche Disaster In France.

Avalanche Disaster In France. (1970)

Val d'Isere, France, after an avalanche kills 39 people

Japanese Earthquake

Japanese Earthquake (1923)

Shots of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Japan.

Japanese Earthquake Havoc

Japanese Earthquake Havoc (1927)

Devastation following an earthquake in Japan.

5,000 Die In Earthquake

5,000 Die In Earthquake (1949)

A terrible earthquake causes death and devastation in Ecuador.

A City Wiped Out ... Thousands Dead!

A City Wiped Out ... Thousands Dead! (1931)

Managua - capital of Nicaragua - is flattened by a devastating earthquake.

San Francisco Earthquake

San Francisco Earthquake (1906)

Images of San Francisco earthquake 1906.

Tornado In America

Tornado In America (1958)

Dallas, Texas, hit by a tornado of considerable strength.

Tornado Hits London

Tornado Hits London (1954)

Tornado leaves trail of destruction across London.

What A Tornado Did

What A Tornado Did (1936)

A look at devastation caused by tornado in North Carolina and Georgia in USA.

Nationwide Tornado AKA Us Tornado

Nationwide Tornado AKA Us Tornado (1953)

Devastation in Michigan, Ohio and Massachusetts after tornado.

Hurricane Dora Hits Florida

Hurricane Dora Hits Florida (1964)

Hurricane Dora hits North East Florida and causes havoc near the coast.

Nature Gets Tough

Nature Gets Tough (1966)

Hurricane Inez in Florida and floods in Ceylon.

Canada - Hurricane Aftermath

Canada - Hurricane Aftermath (1954)

Thousands are left homeless after hurricane Hazel swept through Canada.

The Lynmouth Disaster

The Lynmouth Disaster (1952)

20 plus deaths follow as a flood hits a Devon town.

Floods Hit Brazil

Floods Hit Brazil (1960)

A burst dam causes the river Jaguaribe to flood the valley. Brazil, South America.

Great Dam Bursts

Great Dam Bursts (1933)

Large scale damage to Denver after dam bursts and floods the City.

Aberfan - Valley Of Sorrow

Aberfan - Valley Of Sorrow (1966)

Funeral of schoolchildren who died in landslide tragedy in Wales.

Worst Ever Typhoon AKA Typhoon Hits Japan

Worst Ever Typhoon AKA Typhoon Hits Japan (1959)

Japan is hit by typhoon - shots of aftermath.

Earthquake, Floods And Typhoon

Earthquake, Floods And Typhoon (1962)

American newsreel about natural disasters in Iran, Korea and Hong Kong.

Terrible Floods Bangladesh

Terrible Floods Bangladesh (1970)

Aerial views of vast areas of Bangladesh under flood water.

Hot But Cold

Hot But Cold (1935)

Good footage of Mount Vesuvius erupting with the lava crushing the snow drifts on the mountainside. Italy.

Birmingham Struck By A Tornado!

Birmingham Struck By A Tornado! (1931)

Houses and shops in Birmingham hit by freak winds.

Appalling Landslide Disaster

Appalling Landslide Disaster (1930)

A landslide in Lyons causes devastation. Edouard Herriot comes out to help clear rubble.


Tornadoes (1967)

21 tornadoes tear through Illinois causing death and much damage. America.