Titanic Centenary Collection

British Pathé marks the centenary of the Titanic disaster with this collection. Genuine footage of the Titanic is rare but a valuable newsreel survives in the archive featuring the great liner during her fitting, towering over the dock, as well as footage of the survivors arriving in New York on the Carpathia. Some of these survivors appear in interviews from the 1970s. Titanic was actually the second of three 'Olympic' class vessels and clips of the others appear in this collection. RMS Olympic, the first, had a long career which included service in the First World War until she was, sadly, eventually scrapped in the 1930s. The final ship was the RMS Britannic which sank in 1916 when operating as a hospital ship during the war with loss of life. The collection concludes with an episode of the classic television series 'Time To Remember' which documents the Edwardian era - that age when man believed he was capable of anything - which was so dramatically undermined by the Titanic tragedy.

Titanic Disaster - Genuine Footage

This first clip features genuine Titanic footage during her fitting. Workmen can be seen aboard her in Belfast where the ship was built. The newsreel then shows footage of the Carpathia taking the survivors to New York. Some of the survivors pose for the cameras.

Titanic Disaster Documentary

Interviews with Titanic survivors including Arthur Lewis and Edith Russell.

Titanic Disaster

These shots will be familiar to anyone who has seen documentaries on the Titanic disaster. Although often presented as the Titanic, this footage is undoubtably of her sister ship RMS Olympic. However, genuine footage relating to the disaster does appear - with families waiting outside the offices of the White Star Line to hear whether or not their loved ones have survived.

Titanic Disaster

A slightly extended version of the clip above.

Lord French - Titanic Memorial

In this clip, Lord French unveils a Titanic memorial in Northern Ireland (1920).

Titanic Memorial Unveiled By Lord French

More footage of Lord French unveiling the Titanic memorial.

Ice Patrol to Prevent Repetition of Titanic Disaster

The Titanic disaster led to a re-evaluation of regulations regarding lifeboats, but also to the establishment of the International Ice Patrol, featured in this clip.

Titanic Survivor Breeds Clydesdales At Shepparton

Many survivors of the disaster went on to lead interesting lives. This newsreel shows Mr Logan in Australia in 1961.

Record Railway Load

RMS Olympic was the first of the three Olympic class vessels to be built. Virtually identical, these ships shared the same unparalleled flourishes, and the same unfortunate flaws. This clip features a railway load bound for the Olympic in 1925.

World's Largest Port

Four ships totalling 180,000 tons set a new record for being in Southampton harbour together. The RMS Olympic is among them.

I'm Glad To Be Home

This interesting little feature features the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII) travelling on the RMS Olympic in 1924 and talking to Captain Howarth.

Olympic Rams Lightship

The RMS Olympic had a couple of unfortunate collisions during its career, one while under the command of Captain Smith, who would subsequently die aboard the Titanic. This newsreel, from 1934, is of the occasion when the great ship ploughed into the tiny US lightship Nantucket, which sank

Launch of HMHS Britannic

The RMS Britannic was launched in 1915.

HMHS Britannic

Britannic was not a passenger liner for long - the First World War meant that Britannic, still unfinished, was converted into a hospital ship, becoming known as HMHS Britannic. In 1916 she struck a German mine off Greece and sank. Thirty people died when two lifeboats were churned up by the propellers. This footage is of the Britannic during its fitting in Belfast.


One of Britannic's funnels is fitted. Only three of the four funnels on Olympic class vessels actually worked. The fourth was a dummy, added because the White Star Line felt this made the ships look more impressive.

50th Anniversary of Pathe News

This 50th anniversary of Pathe News celebration features a section on the Titanic disaster.

Time To Remember - Time Of The Suffragettes, 1911 - 1913

This portion of an episode of the classic British Pathé television series 'Time to Remember' features the Titanic.

This In Our Time

RMS Titanic was registered in Liverpool and the disaster had a strong impact on the people of Liverpool at the time. This section of a documentary on the history of that great city could not have excluded this momentous tragedy.

Here's To The Memory

The Edwardian Age is covered in this two part documentary, "Here's To The Memory". Part I.

Here's To The Memory

Part II features the Titanic disaster.

The Passing Years

More memories of the British Pathe's previous news reports in "The Passing Years", featuring footage of "Titanic" (actually the RMS Olympic).

Time To Remember - Edwardian Summer, 1905 - 1910

The arrogance of the Edwardian Era suffered a severe blow with the Titanic disaster. This episode, here in full, from "Time To Remember" covers the Guilded Age. Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

Part V.

Part VI.

Part VII.

Part VIII.