Feminine Pictorialities - Shoes

Feminine Pictorialities - Shoes (1935)

Gorgeous shoes for daytime, beach, cocktails and dancing.

Fashion For Beach AKA Swimwear Fashions For Italy

Fashion For Beach AKA Swimwear Fashions For Italy (1962)

Futurist beachwear fashions from Italy - very groovy!

French Fashions

French Fashions (1960)

New hairstyles and shoe fashions on display in Paris, France.

Latest In Footwear

Latest In Footwear (1963)

Latest footwear for men and women modelled at show in London.

High Heels

High Heels (1956)

Beautiful hand painted shoe heels are seen being made.

Shoes Of Tomorrow

Shoes Of Tomorrow (1957)

A preview of the latest fashions in lady's footwear influenced by shoe trends of the past.

Fashion Feature

Fashion Feature (1947)

Glamorous ladies' shoes at an affordable price - could this be an end to austerity!?

Fashions Hart And Joyce Issue Title Pathe Pictorial Looks At The Modern Woman

Fashions Hart And Joyce Issue Title Pathe Pictorial Looks At The Modern Woman (1947)

Swimsuit and day wear fashions by Eric Hart and Bob Joyce.

Boots And Shoes

Boots And Shoes (1940)

Educational film showing how shoes are made.


Feet (1970)

Quirky / arty item about feet.

Fashions For All

Fashions For All (1961)

Shows of Men's fashions and shoes for both sexes.

Shoes Who

Shoes Who (1929)

Great close ups of the latest in footwear with sexy posing by the models.

International Shoes On Show

International Shoes On Show (1965)

Close up shots of new designs in the world of mens and womens shoe fashion.

Fashion Flashes - Shoes

Fashion Flashes - Shoes (1952)

A few new designs for smashing shoes.

Mary Quant Shoes

Mary Quant Shoes (1967)

Mary Quant shows off her latest boot and shoe designs. Carlton Tower hotel. London.

New Shoes For 1949

New Shoes For 1949 (1949)

Varied designs of shoe on show at the Shoe and Leather Fair from Olympia.

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes (1970)

London ladies footwear fashion reveal a passion for platform shoes.

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes (1977)

Item discusses health hazard of wearing platform shoes - different views are expressed.

Costumes For Sea & See

Costumes For Sea & See (1929)

Lovely fashion item - women model glamorous swimwear.

Shoe Shows

Shoe Shows (1929)

Lovely footage of shoes, ankles and legs. The latest in footwear is modelled.

Shoes Shown At The Shoe Show

Shoes Shown At The Shoe Show (1922)

Nice shoes are displayed for the Pathe camera including a wedding shoe.

Ladies Shoe Fashions

Ladies Shoe Fashions (1950)

Quirky but sexy shoes for women, on show in Germany.