Late shots of London

Tower Of London

Tower Of London (1972)

Various shots of the Tower of London.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Various shots of exterior and interior of Westminster Abbey.

London Scenes

London Scenes

Various landmarks in London along the Thames.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Views of building work underway in the redevelopment of Covent Garden market.

Whitehall Buildings

Whitehall Buildings

Various colour shots of Government buildings around Whitehall in London.

Traffic And Buses Of London

Traffic And Buses Of London (1970)

Travelling shots of London traffic in 1970.

Indian & Pakistani Area Of London

Indian & Pakistani Area Of London (1976)

Indian and Pakistani area of London with Indian cinema, shops etc.

Evening Standard Compendium

Evening Standard Compendium (1998)

Glossy colour footage of London at night and young professionals relaxing and at work.

West End Of London

West End Of London (1973)

Shots of London's West End (Regent St.) and A40 flyover at Shepherds Bush.


Tottenham (1973)

Various shots of a terraced street in London.


Shopping (1975)

Shots of Afro-Caribbean women and men among those shopping in a London market.

West End London

West End London (1977)

Various scenes - especially around Piccadilly Circus - in London.


Bygones (1978)

A look behind the scenes at Pathe in the 1970s - including Larry McKinna in a red jumper!

Covent Garden After Market Move

Covent Garden After Market Move (1970)

Shots of Covent Garden area after it has stopped being used as a fruit and veg market.

Covent Garden Closes

Covent Garden Closes (1970)

The closure of Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market