56 Sqn Lightnings

Lightning Aerobatics

Lightning Aerobatics (1963)

Fighter Command's aerobatic squadron give first public performance with Lightnings.

Selected Originals - Lightning Aerobatics

Selected Originals - Lightning Aerobatics (1963)

Material related to newsreel story "Lightning Aerobatics" - 63/41.

"Lightnings" For RAF (1961)

Good footage of 'Lightening' aircraft at RAF Coltishall, Norfolk.

Lightnings To Germany

Lightnings To Germany (1965)

Lightnings fly to R.A.F. base in Gutersloh, Germany.

The Lightning Fighters

The Lightning Fighters (1961)

RAF pilot prepares to test fly the new Lightning fighter plane.

Lightning Fighters

Lightning Fighters "Mark 2" (1961)

RAF pilot test flies the new Lightning fighter plane.