Rise films - Babies

The Baby

The Baby

Classic early film - The Baby - by Lumiere.

Another Champion

Another Champion (1931)

A very young girl does some diving stunts.

Gym Jaunts!  For The Youngsters

Gym Jaunts! For The Youngsters (1931)

Very young children are put through gruelling exercise routines.


Eve (1922)

A very overweight woman is seen bathing her children, being pushed along in a pram, being measured.

Children Of The Day

Children Of The Day (1933)

What children get up to at a day nursery while their mothers are out at work.

12, She Drives Blind Father

12, She Drives Blind Father (1951)

A young girl drives her blind father around the busy streets of Paris.

Baby Cage

Baby Cage (1949)

A balcony cage stops a young child falling out of the window. Hampstead, London.

Baby Cage

Baby Cage (1953)

Baby Sallie and brother Paul Morris play in a cage outside their apartment window.

A Ten Stone Baby!

A Ten Stone Baby! (1935)

Three-year-old Leslie Bowles, a ten-stone baby, plays in a pen while onlookers stare.

Mighty Atom

Mighty Atom

Funny shots of a baby playing, laughing and crying.

Nursing Fathers

Nursing Fathers (1945)

Special class at French Hospital Nursery, London, to teach fathers how to care for babies.

Mothers And Children

Mothers And Children (1957)

Deep freeze baby and mother in Leeds and blind parents take care of twins in Harlow.

Trailer - Immunisation

Trailer - Immunisation (1948)

A short trailer film encouraging parents to get their children immunised against diphtheria.

Baby Hospital

Baby Hospital (1914)

Odd item with sound - babies with mothers in maternity ward and being powdered and dressed.

"P.T." Progress For Youngsters (1932)

Sadistic exercise routines for young children!