Bullseye - USA


Florida (1968)

Great travelogue showing the fabulousness of Miami, Key West and the Everglades.

Push Button Paradise

Push Button Paradise (1949)

Super modern house shows off push button design and electric powered aids.

Electric House

Electric House (1949)

A Californian house is equipped with lots of modern push button devices to make life easier.

The American Consumer

The American Consumer (1948)

Item showing cars being produced in American plant.

The American Consumer

The American Consumer (1948)

Shots of tyre manufacture and people in shopping centre. America.

Miami Boom Town

Miami Boom Town (1946)

Item showing glitzy life in Florida - beaches, shopping and nightclubs.

"Dream House" At World's Fair - Ny (1964)

People look around a modern planned house in the World's Fair in New York.

American Consumer

American Consumer (1948)

Good footage of American post-war life - home and shops seen.