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Tuna (1936)

A look at tuna fishing in New Jersey, America (USA).

Tuna Season Starts

Tuna Season Starts (1962)

Australians celebrating the start of the tuna fishing season.

Tunny Fishing In Sicily

Tunny Fishing In Sicily (1960)

Good shots of Tuna fishing - from the catch to the tinning.

Tunny Season Opens In Sicily

Tunny Season Opens In Sicily (1949)

Huge catch of Tuna as the fishing season opens in the seas of Sicily.

Tons Of Tunny

Tons Of Tunny (1962)

Fishermen gather in massive harvest of tuna from the seas off Sardinia.

News Flashes

News Flashes (1959)

Tree Stumper in action, tunny fishing in Dakar and a spire is put on the new church at Harlow.

Tunny Fishing In Nova Scotia

Tunny Fishing In Nova Scotia (1938)

Teams from all over the world compete in the International Tunny Fishing Contest.

Tunny Fishing

Tunny Fishing (1949)

Tuna fishing off Sicily.