Nursing Fathers

Nursing Fathers (1945)

Special class at French Hospital Nursery, London, to teach fathers how to care for babies.


Kindergarten! (1940)

Children play at keeping house at a nursery.

Housewives For A Day

Housewives For A Day (1951)

Nice item about Mr Smith who performs domestic chores in his house in Slough, Berkshire.

Great Challard And Son Issue Title Dips Into Comedy

Great Challard And Son Issue Title Dips Into Comedy (1936)

Champion steel bender, The Great Challard, exercises with and stands on his 4-year-old son!

Fathers Camp With Sons

Fathers Camp With Sons (1965)

Fathers and sons go on camping trip to Gilwell Park, Chingford, Greater London.

Father Of The Year

Father Of The Year (1949)

Former UN mediator Dr Bunche is named Father of the Year in United States of America.

Bus Repairs Issue Title Is Lucky Dip

Bus Repairs Issue Title Is Lucky Dip (1941)

Women mechanics in London transport bus depot give double decker an overhaul.

Eve Goes To It!

Eve Goes To It! (1941)

Excellent story of women 'doing their bit' by making speedboats to be used in rescue work.

Male Nurses

Male Nurses (1948)

Good item showing male nurses looking after babies and children at Hackney hospital. London.

Papas Prepare

Papas Prepare (1941)

Midwives give lessons to prospective fathers at New York maternity centre.

Sheffield Steel Works

Sheffield Steel Works (1948)

Men showing their skills at Sheffield steel works.

Queer Jobs

Queer Jobs (1934)

Railway employees with strange job titles are seen at work in Swindon.

So Nice To Come Home To

So Nice To Come Home To (1945)

Kathleen Saunders wins the 'perfect girl to come home to' competition in Sunday Pictorial.

Housewife Scrap Merchant

Housewife Scrap Merchant (1961)

Mary Ford loads scrap metal onto her truck in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Men Of Tomorrow!

Men Of Tomorrow! (1938)

Public schoolboys do exercises on a playing field.

Stolen From Men

Stolen From Men (1962)

Shocking 60's fashion - green, white, golden nail polish, Mary Quant dresses, different colour toenails.

Baby Boom Town

Baby Boom Town (1947)

Scenes of life in the baby boom town of Swindon.

First News Of 1946

First News Of 1946 (1946)

Comical story about expectant father waiting for first glance of new baby.

Caught By The Camera No. 48

Caught By The Camera No. 48 (1935)

Stories in this item include novelty inventions and a rare white porcupine in the United States of America.