Hippie Fashions In Paris

Hippie Fashions In Paris (1969)

Hippie fashions in Paris boutiques and streets.

Roman Polanski Weds Sharon Tate

Roman Polanski Weds Sharon Tate (1968)

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate wed in Chelsea + star studded reception at Playboy Club.

Review Of The Year

Review Of The Year (1967)

Colour item - Review of the year 1967.

Pop Art Exhibition

Pop Art Exhibition (1969)

Pop Art exhibition takes place at the Hayward Gallery in London.

Pop Goes The Fashion

Pop Goes The Fashion (1965)

Girls dance around to pop music whilst modelling the latest fashions. Manchester.

"Pirate" Radio Afloat (1964)

Commercial radio station - Radio Caroline - broadcasts from a boat off Harwich

Caught By The Camera No. 32

Caught By The Camera No. 32 (1935)

Chimpanzees ride scooters and do balancing tricks - no soundtrack.

Another New Dance Craze

Another New Dance Craze (1963)

In tightly packed Paris club dancers perform some new dance crazes.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd (1967)

Pink Floyd wander around corn fields to the accompaniment of their song 'The Scarecrow'.

Beat School Neg Version

Beat School Neg Version (1961)

A progressive school in Hertfordshire is featured - pupils smoke and listen to jazz in the classroom.

Coiffeur Queen Of 1969

Coiffeur Queen Of 1969 (1969)

Good footage of 60s hairdressing at contest to decide 'Coiffeur Queen' of the year.


Crazes (1968)

Fashion crazes of 1968 are seen in this fantastic swinging sixties story.


Knickers! (1971)

Various shots of women's underwear including some very bizarre knickers called Pop-Pants.

Inside The Playboy Paradise

Inside The Playboy Paradise (1966)

Fabulous story allows us a peek at the glamorous life of a Bunny Girl.

Fashion Awards - Technicolor.

Fashion Awards - Technicolor. (1963)

International Fashion Awards show at Savoy Hotel, London - Technicolor.

Fashion Goes Into Orbit!

Fashion Goes Into Orbit! (1966)

Radical fashion designs by Jacques Esterel on show in Paris.

Dalai Lama Opens Monastery

Dalai Lama Opens Monastery (1964)

The Dalai Lama opens a Buddhist temple for Tibetan refugees in Mussorie, India.


Love-In (1968)

Austrian hippies dancing at a Vienna "love-in" dance.

Latest In Dancing

Latest In Dancing (1962)

Fantastic story where we see demonstrations of the latest dance crazes at a London studio.

Old People's Party

Old People's Party (1962)

Chelsea Pensioners do The Twist at London party

Flower People

Flower People (1967)

Hippies hold a 'love-in' at Henrietta Park in Bath.

Let's All Be Beatles!

Let's All Be Beatles! (1963)

A factory in London manufactures wigs which resemble The Beatles' haircuts.

Bikini Preview

Bikini Preview (1965)

Models show off the latest swimsuit fashions in Kensington. London.