"Hello Girls" Of Chinatown (1929)

Telephone exchange in Chinatown, San Francisco operated by lots of girls.

Midget Wedding In Miami

Midget Wedding In Miami (1938)

Billy Curtis (3' 7") marries Lois De Fre (6' 4") on a beach in Miami.

Baby Chicks AKA Frying Pan Chicks

Baby Chicks AKA Frying Pan Chicks (1958)

Quirky item showing chicks being hatched in an electric frying pan.

Feminine Pictorialities No. 10

Feminine Pictorialities No. 10 (1934)

Excellent item shows us the features of a simplistic art deco living room and bedroom.

Cinetopicalities In Brief No. 104

Cinetopicalities In Brief No. 104 (1940)

Pedigree cats and demonstration of furniture that converts into spare beds.

Luxury Bed

Luxury Bed (1959)

Mighty bed - get it and you won't need to get up. Rather like the Internet but more comfortable.

Flying Car

Flying Car (1961)

An early type of hovercraft is demonstrated at a US Truck, Trailer and Equipment show.

15 Girls In A Mini Car

15 Girls In A Mini Car (1966)

Girls in mini skirts pile into Mini car and are watched by intrigued passers-by.

San Francisco Fair Opened

San Francisco Fair Opened (1940)

The San Francisco Fair is opened and provides lots of fun for local children.

Hustle Hustle, Always Hustle!

Hustle Hustle, Always Hustle! (1930)

A air and water ferry service flies people about in the San Francisco area.

A Dancing Prodigy

A Dancing Prodigy (1930)

Baby Pearl Levey does a little dance for us.